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Snowstorm Files, Day 5

Day 5 of the snowstorm brings this: MORE SNOW. School is closed (for the kids) through the end of the week. Friday was scheduled to be a teacher professional day (aka “training”) in the first place, and we’ve been instructed … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever?

Okay, so we are on Day 4 of the snowstorm saga, and I’m getting a bit bored. I have plenty to do here at my house, it’s just not stuff I wanna do! LOL Regardless, I did go ahead and … Continue reading

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Snowstorm Files

How about some updates on the snowstorm, Maryland style?? This should be funny. This area CAN’T. HANDLE. Snow. At all. Lots of schools in Virginia closed for the day as of last night – when a pretty “official” say was … Continue reading

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And Another One On The Way

So, Yesterday, I had a day off with The Boy. The reason? 3 inches of snow on the ground (which had melted off the roads and sidewalks by about 9:00 in the morning. Oy. Here’s the backyard in it’s snowy … Continue reading

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