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How I Make Yarn, Continued

Okay, when I finished up over there, I was talking about ‘carding’ the fiber with hand cards – mine are Ashford student hand carders, 72 point. Once the fiber is nice and smooth, I then roll the fiber into rolags. … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever?

Okay, so we are on Day 4 of the snowstorm saga, and I’m getting a bit bored. I have plenty to do here at my house, it’s just not stuff I wanna do! LOL Regardless, I did go ahead and … Continue reading

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And Another One On The Way

So, Yesterday, I had a day off with The Boy. The reason? 3 inches of snow on the ground (which had melted off the roads and sidewalks by about 9:00 in the morning. Oy. Here’s the backyard in it’s snowy … Continue reading

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