Episode 27 – Summer Planning

Episode 27 is up on YouTube.

I should warn you that I ramble on and on about non-knitting stuff for the first 16-17 minutes. You may want to skip ahead!

Show Notes:
Thing 1 = [Viajante](/patterns/library/viajante)
[Mystik Spiral Socks ](/patterns/library/mystik-spiral-socks)
[AfterThought Heel Socks](/patterns/library/afterthought-heel-socks)

Soon to cast on (like today)
[Hogwarts Express](/patterns/library/hogwarts-express)
as a gift for my cousin/part of Camp Loopy. I’m in Glamper #5

I also received two yarn clubs in the mail since last recording:
[Club Awesome][3] – 100% Silk Fingering weight from [Neighborhood Fiber Co.](/yarns/brands/neighborhood-fiber-co)
Club Dragonfly – Dragon Sock, [Dragonfly Fibers ](/yarns/brands/dragonfly-fibers)

Both are awesome!


[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IbIR5ue9d0
[2]: https://knitsandthings.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/episode-27-summer-planning/
[3]: http://clubawesomeyarn.com/

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