Episode 17 – Snowstorm Eve

Episode 17 is up, [HERE][1]


**Thing 1 = Knitting**
[Knitted Mood Sock Blanket][2]
[Walking in Memphis](/patterns/library/walking-in-memphis)

Donation – we have one more prize in the pot thanks to a donation by Stephanie/[hotpinksocks](/people/hotpinksocks)!!! A pair of Kollage Square needles, size 4 and Kollage yarn to go with!

**Fox in Socks**
[Socks on A Plane](/patterns/library/socks-on-a-plane)
Next up will be a plain vanilla sock with some self-striping, because I want to try the afterthought heel!

**Thing 2 = Spinning**
“Springtime” [Loop](/yarns/library/loop-loop-spinning-batt-november) Batt = 464 yards of a fulled single. Still kinda kinky!
Fat Cat Knits “Cool Madras” is on the wheel now – one more single to spin, then will 3-ply into the gradient skein I’ve been wanting! Will turn in for a [HPKCHC](/groups/the-seventh-floor) class (Care of Magical Creatures) since it has beautiful blues and greens.

**Everyone Needs A Thneed – Stash acquisitions!**

**Club Dragonfly** – first of the year – 2/200 yard fingering skeins and a pattern for a colorwork cowl! Also a great project bag!

Shadwyn Fiber Arts in Harry Potter themed colorway – this one is Ginny Weasley, one of my favorite characters in the books AND movies!

[Club Awesome](/groups/club-awesome) is up as well, although I have to go pick it up. :O( Need to see about getting OFF that particular portion of the list! I want mail order!

**Oh The Thinks You Can Think**!
[Ravellenic Games][3] – I am planning what to knit for the Ravellenic Games, but it’s hard to pin down what I want to do! I’ve signed up for the “Follow Your Arrow” Mystery KAL Shawl from Ysolda Teague, and I’m watching the developments like a hawk!

**Mystery Sock 6** from Knitter’s Brewing Company! – And AGAIN, a mystery. This time for a sock pattern with a cocktail theme! y

**Gerald McBoingBoing**
[Washington Wizards][4] game
STEM Fair project


[1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSb-XqHx448
[2]: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Heather219/sock-yarn-square
[3]: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/ravellenic-winter-games-2014
[4]: http://www.nba.com/wizards/

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