Episode 6 Is Up!

Episode 6 is now up on YouTube – click here.

Show Notes:

Thing 1/Knitting
A bit more progress was made on my Dahlia Cardigan by Heather Zopetti – I hope to make it to the finish with this KAL – check out the Yarniacs Podcast and their Fall Color Knit-Along. You just have to use one of the Pantone Fall Colors in your project, and style it for Fall.

Folded (Veera Valimaki) got a little more love this time around – I have the feeling I’ll be needing it soon!

Fox in Socks
I sent one Traveling Sock on it’s way this time, but I’m currently working on the one for Nwessman – in neon green (sock blank I dyed with kool-aid years ago, using a trellis pattern from the Field Guide to Knitting. Sock groups can be signed up for in the Knitter’s Brewing Sockaholics group.

I will knit another Skew sock out of some Inspiration Dyeworks yarn specially done up for the Knitting Samurai Plus One’s anniversary KAL. When the KAL actually begins. Doh!

Gertrude McFly!
The edging on my Pucker top did, indeed give out. The yarn just wasn’t the greatest, I think – dry rot? Now I’ll have to find a new yarn from stash to finish the edges with – let’s hope soon!

Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
Anniversary KAL with KSP1 – using Inspiration Dyeworks in a special self-striping colorway done up just for the podcast/KAL. Knit anything you want with it – should be fun to see the yarn as different projects.

Halos of Hope (direct link)/Podcaster Throwdown(RAV group link). I don’t think I’m up for a throwdown, but I am up for some hat knitting. If you want to join in, we can donate together (if you are a fellow podcaster), or I would be more than happy to get the hats to where they need to be (which looks like directly to the Knotty Girls, since that is who I heard this from – not Purlescence – they’re a tad far away)!

I found cheapo acrylic yarn good for knitting a baby toy that is sure to be drooled on by my nephew.

I’ll use the Dog in Doghouse pattern from Susan B. Anderson’s Topsy Turvy Inside Out Knitted Toys. I think he’ll love it!

See you next time!

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