Episode #4 – A Teacher’s Last Day!

Episode 4 is up on YouTube! Go watch it HERE!

Show notes:

Thing 1 – Knitting
Progress on my Dahlia cardigan and Brickless shawl(ette) only. Trying to finish things up!

Fox in Socks
Traveling Sock Circle 26 – Heel’s Angels
Up to the gusset on the first Socks on A Plane sock – dragonfly fibers Djini sock, Reluctant Dragon colorway.

Thing 2 – Spinning
Finished spinning Crown Mountsin BFL, Rise of the Phoenix colorway. Need to ply – one braid of 155 yards/2-ply so far.
Looking for my handcarders to make my own luxury Punis out of a wool/sea ell braid that I wold like to spin with my mini Turkish spindle.

Omitted, to save time: I Can Read With My Eyes Shut – Jodi Picoult’s ‘Storyteller’ was a great read, just starting Bruce Courtenay’s ‘Power of One’ and I’m loving the English accent if the narrator.

I will add links to,or row – off to bed to get ready to GO BACK TO WORK IN THE MORNING! Boooo!


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3 Responses to Episode #4 – A Teacher’s Last Day!

  1. Patricia says:

    Could only find your vidcast on Youtube and the video quality was difficult to view. Do you have plans to upload to iTunes?

    • heather219 says:

      Hi, Patricia – for now I have to work with what I’ve got. I’m still experimenting with recording at different times of day, and different upload sizes, etc. please bear with me. I hope to add iTunes eventually, but I’m not there yet.
      One positive – if you think the quality was bad on episode 4, you should try episode 1 and then get back to me! Ha ha. 🙂

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