Itchy Scratchy

Episode 2 is up! Go watch it HERE!

Thing 1 –Water’s Edge Cardigan, Folded, Clapotis.

Fox in Socks – Skew, FLOTUS sock (Wendelin pattern).

Oh The Thinks You Can Think – Wingspan or Hitchhiker from Monarch (inser POLL here), Denver Cowl out of Ms Babs Yowza in Biker Chick, Ogee Lace Skirt from Kollage yarns ‘Delicious’.

Thing 2 – Tour de Fleece – Romney blends, and silk on the mini Turkish.

King’s Stilts – finished the Pucker top by Norah Gaughn.

Gerald McBoingboing – LCM Family camp. Lots of bites (hence the title). Zac is there on his own now but in a cabin without his best buds.

Mulberry Street – Cloverhill not only moved but changed ownership.

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7 Responses to Itchy Scratchy

  1. Great podcast!
    I love the orange edging on your pullover. I hope it stands up to washing!
    PS I voted for hitchhiker ; )

  2. penelope10 says:

    Is your podcast some where else, Heather? I can’t get it here. Penny xx

    • heather219 says:

      Penny – the podcast should be hypr-linked. I have been having Internet problems here at my house, but that shouldn’t affect what has already been put online. Only 2 episodes so far!

      • penelope10 says:

        Is it only on You Tube? When I click on “Here” to watch it goes to You Tube and says it was removed by the user.

      • heather219 says:

        Thanks, Pemelope! I removed my original version of Episode 2 and replaced it with a 2nd edit, and the link was going to the older one! It should work now!

      • penelope10 says:


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