Heeeeerrrrrrre It Goes!

I decided to start podcasting after much thought. For various reasons, I don’t update this blog like I used to anymore, despite several attempts at renewed commitment. So, I’d like to join the podcasting community to make up for that, and the fact that I never get to make it to knit group anymore! There is always a sporting season for me to be active with my son in ( and games are on Saturdays), and so I don’t get to talk knitting as much as I want to!

Here is the premier episode. I am putting the shows on YouTube for now.

Show notes:


Water’s Edge Cardigan in Madeline Tosh Tosh DK, Well Water colorway.

Skew (socks) in Lollipop Yarns, Love in the Afternoon colorway.

Pucker pullover in Plymouth Yarns “Grass” yarn (cotton/hemp)

Traveling Sock with the Yarn on Tap Podcast group.

GERTRUDE MC FLY(Knitting Attacks) –   Dahlia Cardigan out of Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.

OH THE THINKS YOU CAN THINK – (Stalking/Planning/Upcoming Knits)
Patterns/knits – Kaleidoscope Squares from a book called “Knitting in the Round” –
Low Tide with fingering yarn.
TWIST PULLOVER by Cecily Glowik McDonald – from Knit Wear magazine, Spri ng 2012.

THING 2 (Spinning) Singleton Fiber Processing in Frederick, MD – turned my Romney cross fleece into their wonderful roving rolls!

GERALD MC BOING BOING (Kid/family stuff) ZAC’S CRAFTINESS – dyed his lacrosse stick’s head  with RIT dye, hot glue combo – had the strings redone by the pros.
AND TO THINK THAT I SAW IT ON MULBERRY STREET (Local/Events) Cloverhill Yarn Shop is moving.

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