The Best Part

There are so many things about knitting I love. I love to just ‘make’ stuff in general, but when I decide upon a project, and the yarn is the perfect choice, I really like the feeling of that as well.

But, when you are knitting, there are several stages of the knitting that just seem to keep you plugging along:

Beginning – that part when, you’ve decided on the pattern, gathered your materials, you have the pattern at the ready, and you have that feeling of starting on a new journey. All the promise of the garment or finished item that lies ahead? That’s the great part about knitting. Right?

Middle – this is the part when you’re well into the knitting, there’s a substantial amount on the needles, so it actually LOOKS like something, and you are getting a better idea of how the yarn is going to look in your final project (good or bad). That’s the best part of knitting. Sometimes.

End – you’ve been knitting and knitting, and you can see the finish line! You’re about to cast off, or do an edging and adding finishing touches. You can tell what the item or garment is going to look like, and you’re ready and anxious to use it or gift it. You’ve got a real sense of accomplishment. That’s the best part of knitting. I think.

What’s YOUR favorite part?


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