How NOT To Get Addicted to Gambling


I just spent a great ‘weekend-in-the-middle-of-the-week’ in Atlantic City with a friend. The entire time, we were steps away from slot machines and gaming tables, yet we spent not one gambling penny. Not even on the penny slots (which don’t really cost just a penny – been there, done that!). BUT, we both decided, we’d like to actually GET something for our money, other than time spent. I can spend time for FREE, why pour my money down a machine, or hand it over for chips that I will then hand to a dealer who will put my chip away with all the other losers’ chips, and it won’t even matter??? Well, maybe it matters to the casino owners, but not really!

When we first got in (actually the next morning), we walked around the casino floor and stopped to watch a woman playing at a bank of slot machines that were, apparently, linked somehow so that the people playing there were actually playing ‘with’ each other on a screen on the wall. Then we looked closer and noticed that there was a THREE-DIGIT-number in the corner of her screen. Three digits. We did not see her arrive at the machines – she was already there and comfy when we walked up, and the number at that time was $135.65. And it kept getting smaller and smaller.

My friend and I left and went to the outlet mall where I got a new Coach bag and some Aldo shoes. Two brand names I can always count on, that are never a gamble – good products, and for a discount since it was an outlet mall (and I had a coupon book)!.

The rest of the trip was just great. I hope we get to go back soon!


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