Knits In-Progress

I will begin this picture-less post by stating that I promise to post pictures SOON! I have to do that on my regular computer, though, and not my laptop, and I’m happy in my armchair right now!!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

There is LOTS of knitting going on here at my house. There would be much much more if I wasn’t also smitten by my spinning wheel and the lure of raw fiber (or that pesky little thing called a JOB, right?). Here are a few things I’m knitting on. If there’s room and time, I’ll also talk about some UFOs that I hope to finish/get back to —

Yoga Instructor Socks: These are socks I’m knitting for – you guessed it – my yoga instructor. She always notices my socks and I know she’ll appreciate them. Also, she’s really helped me out so much these past few years with movements tailored to my stoopid back problems. The pattern is called **Primavera Socks** which have a stitch pattern that creates a very narrow, drawn-in sock fabric that’s just perfect for my instructors’ narrow feet. One sock is finished, the other is still on the cuff (the pattern has been started but just barely). These socks make me even more confounded by the fact that Spring has already arrived, and with a vengeance, to the DC area. Last week we had temperatures in the 70s all week, except for the day that it was 82. Not really wool sock weather. Maybe if I finish the socks, we’ll get a cold snap?

My other big knitting project is the **Effortless Cardigan** by Hannah Fettig. I really can’t wait to finish this knit – I just know I’m going to need it – even with the warm temperatures creeping up – because with warm temperatures comes air-conditioning, and I think that this is going to be my at-work knit that gets thrown on when the A/C has us all shivering in our seats during staff meetings or in-service days!

My one big problem with this cardigan is that I WAY under-estimated the amount of yarn I was gonna need. I am knitting the size 38.5 (but wanted it a bit longer), and I searched waaaayyyyyy into the files on Ravelry and saw person after person who knit their sizes with much less than the recommended yardage. So, I thought I was okay with my 9 skeins of
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (120 X 9 = 1080 yards, approximately, since I’m doing a smash-version of converting meters to yards). On my version, I’ve used all but 3 skeins (720 yards) for the body, MINUS the 3″ ribbing that needs to be put on after the main knitting. I haven’t even started the sleeves yet. OY. My plan right now is to start the sleeves, hope and pray that each will be able to be completed with, at the most, one and a half skeins (all I have left), and then find a complimentary yarn to do the ribbing with. I think the sweater would be great with a contrasting ribbing (it goes around all edges and is the cuff to the sleeves). I’m wondering if maybe I can find a nice black yarn that has a bit of gold sparkle mixed in? Maybe I’ll have to blend and spin it . . .

And finally, I’m knitting scarf after scarf out of yarns called **Sashay** and **Starbella**. Some members of my knitting group had been bitten by this particular bug this past winter, and I resisted like a champ. Now, however, I am compelled to knit these. For my sister. They are a fund-raising project for her and her husband so that they can fund their impending adoption. They have been trying to start a family for some time now, and finally settled on adoption recently. They’ve been hit hard by how much money it will take to start growing their family. It’s astounding. They have been doing their homework and have finally decided on an agency, so at least now they have a definite number to strive for. These scarves will give her measurable increments, but she can’t knit them all herself. I’ve knit two so far, one is spoken for, and I got a directive for one more at knit group today. We also had two members pledge to knit up their overflowing stash of this yarn for her cause to help her meet the demand (and she’s got quite a demand so far!). She (and I – but whatev!) was very touched by the offers for buying AND knitting! Free knitting! Whoa!! Knitters are a very caring bunch!

Whew. Anyone else tired but me?

Pictures to come soon – promise!

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