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I have been missing my blogging time lately. I miss the outlet. I miss checking on my tiny little list of bloggers. Once in a while I do a quick drive-by and check on everyone, but I really wanna get back to it.

Can I do it? Possibly. A co-worker wants to start a blog, so maybe we can inspire each other. . . Either way, I feel the need to vent/relate/tell lately, so hopefully you’ll see me here again more often, talking about the ‘knits’ (of course) and ‘things’ (which may vary from time to time).

For now, here’s a quick update!

Knits: I am currently knitting 50 BAZILLION things. Not really, just seems like. They would be 1) the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (I think she’s the Clapotis designer as well, yes?). I’m knitting it in some black Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and I LOVE!!! I’m on the widest/drapey part right now, and my hands don’t like the endless rows, so it’s VERY slow going, but still . . . LOVE! 2) Primavera socks for my yoga instructor. She always shows the appropriate appreciation for the socks I wear (and reluctantly take off before standing poses begin), and I found a great yarn that I think she’ll love, so she gets a pair. She’s been my instructor for the past few years (minus the extended hiatus for my old-lady back-and-hip problem), so she’s definitely earned them! I can be rough on a teacher. Educators are the worst students! 3) I have about 5 UFOs upstairs in different knitting bags. I am ashamed of how many there are, and there are at least 2 scarves, 2 sweaters, and a pair (or three) of socks. Oy.

Spinning: I NEED to spin more. I’m making it to the spinning meetings at Cloverhill Yarn shop a bit more these days, and with good reason. More than half my stash space is fiber waiting to be spun. Once it becomes yarn, it will be much more manageable, don’t you think? Me too.

Phat Fiber: I scored my first PF box this weekend. I figured I was due a Happy You-Gave-Birth-Day present. I missed the first one by totally overestimating just how quickly those things go. DO NOT try to sign in at one minute past the hour. The boxes will ALL be gone. I got in on the second/later offering, and expect a ‘mixed’ box to arrive any day now. Hopefully that will give me something to look forward to at Sheep and Wool. Not that I need an excuse to go to Sheep and Wool, or to be excited about it!! LOL

Things: The ‘boyfriend’ deal HAS worked out. Been seeing the same guy for about 8 months now. The only issue is – we are both single parents. If you think dating while you’re married and have kids is tough, try coordinating two DIFFERENT family schedules and work in a little dating time. We tell each other all the time “Dating with kids SUCKS.” And we mean it!

Diabetes: The boy has now been on an insulin pump for just over 1 year. We’ve been dealing with diabetes for almost 2 years. He is getting used to the idea of using his arms and legs for sites. Currently, he uses his midsection solely (he will, at least, go to the back side/love handles now), but he’s getting a bit of insulin resistance there, along with a ‘dent’ as we noticed the other day. We are contacting Animas this week to see if we can trade a box of our regular insets for the longer ones to allow for the alternate sites.

Work: This year I have a new boss/principal. We are all getting used to each other. I think we’re doing a good job. That is to say – the teachers are getting used to her and she’s relaxing a bit. I also am getting used to the fact that I have 30 (yes, thirty) first graders to corral this year. It’s very challenging, and I find the need to draw out every ounce of patience I have each and every day. Some days, there’s none left when I start. Oy

The Boy: Sunday, he turned 10. He had a sleepover. Four 10-year olds in the same house overnight is madness. Next year, I need reinforcements. Better yet, hopefully he’ll be at his dad’s house that night.

Health: Getting older is NOT for sissies. I’ll do a proper post on all that’s been going on later. Everything is fine, but, OY. I miss being 25.


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2 Responses to Back to Blogging

  1. Melodye says:

    Glad to see you back! As for getting old, my older self misses being whatever age you are!

  2. Rani says:

    Hey you! Welcome back. ‘Bout time. We missed you!! Hope all is well!

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