Summ-er(ar)-y Things

WOW, it’s been a long time since I blogged. Things have been crazy here as usual. Here’s a rundown:

~The Boy LOVES his pump. Not so much the insertion sites, but we all see the ease with which the daily arm-wrestle that is Type 1 Diabetes goes down whilst pumping. Pump on!

~In May, the Vereen side of The Boy’s world, plus me – I think I still count, walked in the JDRF’s DC walk. The Team was The Boy’s Dad, Grandmother (Mom-Mom), Grandfather (Pop-Pop), an old family friend that lives in DC now, and myself. I was feelin’ all bad about not meeting my fundraiser goals since the rest of the team had. That is, till I looked and realized I’d set a higher goal than the rest. We ROCKED, and raised about a grand total. The DC walk raised buckets. Now we just need a cure.

The Boy - JDRF Walk at Nationals Park

~The Boy is now a 9 year-old fourth-grader. Oy. Howtheheckdidthathappen??

~To celebrate the above item, my mom, sister, and I took The Boy (notice the theme here – it’s all Boy, all the time) to . . . . . .. . . . WWE Capitol Punishment. I am torn as to which is best – live where you don’t have to hear the goofy announcers, but just pay attention to the action, or at home on the couch with some knitting where you get close-ups of Randy Horton’s . . . well, LOVELINESS!

~The best part of the night was torturing The Boy by not telling him where we were going. He HATES surprises, but seemed to like this one once he realized where we were. The jig was up when we turned in front of the Verizon center and saw the massive lines and all the wrestler’s trailers lined up along the road.

~I’m workin’ on gettin’ me a boyfriend. Possibly. Maybe. I’ll let you know. He’s brutiful (manly and beautiful). Cross your fingers. (No, it is not Randy Horton, but just as good-lookin’ if you ask me – smells good too).

~Took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. There’s so much to see. We may go back next year, but with water park and historic triangle tickets to boot.

~Family Camp at Lions Camp Merrick is looming. I’m taking plenty of Lysol and hosing the place down. No stomach virus for me this year.

~I’ll be at family camp when the last Harry Potter movie premiers. I’m having issues with this. I am planning a rebellion. I’ll fill in the blog if it works!

~Summer is FLYING by. I tried to make my 2 week follow up appointment with my hairdresser, realized I’d be at family camp, then realized that the next 2 week time period would be – gulp – the end of July. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

~I’ll have a new boss when I return to school. I’m scurred. My old principal was unbelievably awesome. She’s gonna be hard to follow. Hopefully everything will be cool so I can stay there with The Boy till he runs off to middle school.

~I’m taking an online course this summer for my job. I feel old. Thank goodness I’ve already done my master’s, because this class is kicking my boo-tay!

~It’s Tour de Fleece time. I’m spinning a lovely Dragonfly Fibers merino/silk braid right now. It’s completely lovely. After that, I’ll be spinning more laceweight singles, Madelinetosh style, for a pi shawl. I’ll probably knit the Girasole pattern for it as a kind-of KAL with my sister, but I haven’t decided for certain.

~Tonight, I cast off for the Holden Shawlette. Might take me till morning – picot cast-off on the long edge of a shawl that’s 309 stitches wide. Fun times.

~I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

~I have company coming, and I need to do some classwork. Ugh.


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2 Responses to Summ-er(ar)-y Things

  1. Kelly says:

    YAY!!!!!! for TdF!!! Are you in any ravelry groups? I’m in Team Phat 2011, Team Spindlers, Team wannabees, and might join beginners late if I don’t have enough to do already! I’m finished with about 10oz of fiber on spindles only and am plying tonight before starting to spin some more. YAY!!

  2. Melodye says:

    Good to see you back. Figured you were busy with The Boy and life in general. I’m in the TdF as well. Spinning a bobbin a day of some gorgeous Shetland.

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