Today was “Clean-the-Bathroom” day for me. I’m not a huge-mongous fan of housecleaning. I do what needs to be done when it absolutely has to be done. So, today was the day that the tub’s nether-regions got scrubbed, the commode was cleaned top to bottom (not just the bowl and bits that we sit on), the mirrors were washed and the ‘collections’ were moved, dusted/sanitized and then put back, all in the same morning. This meant that all my zillion (more like billion, but still) perfume bottles were given the once-over as well. I tossed a few, as I usually do on Clean-the-Bathroom day, but there’s this one. One that I RARELY use, but yet won’t throw out.

Seriously, I wear this scent maybe twice a year. I love the scent. I just don’t (can’t?) wear it. But I won’t throw it out.

The scent reminds me of a time in my life that I WISH was still active. I wore it a lot during a wonderfully romanitc time in my life. I loved that time in my life, and I wish it was still going. But it isn’t. And every time I wear the scent, I think about that time on and off all day long, until finally, I come home from work or wherever I’ve been and jump immediately in the shower to get rid of the offensive smell.


I really like that scent.

I wish it didn’t remind me of that time. I think I keep it around hoping that the next time I put it on, my brain will have given up it’s stubborn fight and won’t keep ‘going there.’ My brain just doesn’t get the hint. Or maybe it’s my heart.

How about you? What scent does it for you? Is there a perfume/scent/smell that triggers that scent memory every single time you smell it? Does it bring back good memories or bad? How does it make you feel? Do you like to smell it, or does it make you feel some other emotion?


That’s mine.

(And in case you’re curious, the scent is Ralph Lauren, Blue.)


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5 Responses to Scent-Sations

  1. Kelly says:

    Stop over and check out my blog. I posted pics of my spinning so far. YAY for spinning!!

  2. Kellye8498 says:

    Hey Heather! I just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY got around to spinning that roving you sent me from secret pal about 4 years ago, lol! It turned out amazing and I’d like to show you a pic. If you want to email me please feel free I’m going to TRY to put some code here and see if the pics shows up. You can add me on Ravelry if you wants. My name there is Kellye8498.

  3. Kellye8498 says:

    It wouldn’t let me post the pics but you can see them on Ravelry if you want to or I can email them if you send me your email address. Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Heather says:

      Hi, Kelly! I’m glad to hear you are spinning! I think of you each year when I go to Sheep and Wool! If it weren’t for our partnership, I wouldn’t be spinning myself!! Thanks!

  4. Jenn says:

    Skunk smell reminds me of Charlie Brown and Grammy’s house! I love that smell!

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