On Wednesday The Boy, his dad, and I spent the morning at Children’s again. This time, for the saline start of his insulin pump!

The deliveries I mentioned in my last post also included the pump we chose! He went with the Animas Ping in the end, although he was starting to lean toward the Accu-Check Spirit at first. It finally came down to the more updated system and the COLORS! available with the Ping. He went with a nice blue that reminds me of our cute little car.

We are all very excited.

Since the pump arrived a couple weeks ago, we have been slowly reviewing things like the owner’s manual (bigger than the one for the above-mentioned car), and attempting to watch a video to learn about the pump features, but the hands-on practice at today’s mini class was what’s really got me feeling like I know what I’m doing a bit better.

Since visiting the hospital, we have been practicing by asking the pump to bolus for meals like we would if it was really up and running, even though it’s just loaded with saline. We go back early next week to actually put the ‘good stuff’ in. We will continue to fill the pump with saline each time it runs out or needs changing, practicing infusion sets/sites (where the pump attaches to his body to deliver insulin), and we are allowed to “play” with the settings as well, since he’s only getting saline and not “real” medicine.

Now that everything is finally underway (it seems like we’ve waited to get here forever, although I DO understand the reasons why), I am personally very excited that next week we can do something effective to stop all the high numbers in the middle of the night for my little guy. The nurse today even stated what I’ve been feeling – “You can’t fix that with injections.” I will dedicate a post to the whole nasty mess once we’ve successfully gotten rid of the late-night nonsense, but just know that I’m very anxious for all this to be over.

We look forward to no more shots. Our GOAL is no more shots. We hope and pray for NO. MORE. SHOTS!!


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One Response to Learning

  1. Jenn says:

    This is so wonderful. I too pray for NO.MORE.SHOTS! I love the blue pump. Very good choice!

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