Mail Call!

Recently, the postman has been busy delivering things to my house. I entered the Survivor Pool on the knitting website Ravelry, and lo a behold, I won!! Since I enter tnis pool, as well as one for Dancing With the Stars each season they’re on, I think I was due, and boy, do I feel nice and fat and happy now!!

Here’s some of what the other players generously sent:

My sister was in the same group as me, and treated me to a “Yowsa” skein of Ms. Babs (in the French Marigold colorway). I plan to make a pair of fingerless mitts and some quick, warm socks with this monster skein, and I’ll almost bet I’ll have enough to treat someone to a cute little baby hat. All babies should wear orange, right?

MMMMMMalabrigo. Enough said. (?colorway “Solis”? I’m not a frequent flyer with the Mal – too many beautiful colors mean I can never make a decision, so not sure if Solis is the name of the yarn or the colorway).

More Ms. Babs, this time in yummy sock yarn. This is the colorway “Forever”, making me want to knit the sock pattern that I got from Ellen’s Half Pint for socks with hearts on it. The hearts, and the fact that I’ve been meaning to knit the pattern FOREVER just seems to fit all around.

I also got two (TWO!!) skeins of a Fiberphile sock yarn that’s superwash merino, CASHMERE, and nylon in a dreamy colorway called Willow. I think it may be my next Clapotis!!

I hope I got all the yarn contributions and didn’t forget anyone.

The rest of the knitters contributed to my online addictions, and sent gift certificates to my favorite – Crown Mountain Farms, where I purchased enough of their superwash merino roving in the colorway “Rise of the Phoenix” to blend with some Neighborhood Fiber Company reds that I already had, so that I can make a handknit/handspun sweater. This is a new found love of mine, one that I’m sure will be a post or two on it’s own soon!

I also got two gifties for The Loopy Ewe, where I was able to FINALLY get a Namaste bag. When I saw that their hipster style came in that durable nylon material, and in the blue/teal that I am so in love with lately, I jumped right on that! It’s now holding my current Cookie A sock, “Pointelle.” I also purchased three more sock patterns (one being Cookie A’s “Mingus”), as well as a skein of Trekking sock yarn in the Carribbean colorway.

I want to say thank you again to all the participants of my group for their generosity, as well as to the moderator, Natalie for helping out and running the show in general. I’ve had such a great experience with the pools, and winning this time around has just hooked me all over again!!

I am thoroughly and horribly spoiled, and I love it!

Pics soon. Enjoy the links for now!


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