Is there something you are really looking forward to? Often a question like this would have a fibery answer from me, but since I just experienced spoiling of the ‘Survivor Pool’ type, I am pretty much set as far as yarn and fiber for spinning goes.

No, what I anticipate most right now is the arrival and start-up of my son’s insulin pump. It is supposed to be delivered today (although time is running short. . .), after which I can call our CDE to set up his starting classes.

So, why am I looking forward to this so much? Well, there are many reasons and I am his Momma, so anything that he really wants and looks forward to is something I am going to try my best to give him. He has wanted a pump since the day he saw another little guy at camp this past summer with one (this was probably about 4 months past diagnosis), as he is most interested in not having to do multiple shots each day. I like this part, too, since I know how much he hates them!

He also seems to be coming out of his honeymoon, with spikes at night A LOT during growth spurts. Funny how theyLre called ‘spurts’, though, when they last for weeks at a time. . . So corrections at night should be much easier when I don’t have to go waking him up to roll over for easy access to his sleeper zipper. Cause that is always so much fun in the middle of the night.

And I also want my little guy to be more comfortable eating his meals whenever and wherever he needs to. Several times he has been offered meals out, but has turned them down because he doesn’t want to do a shot in front of strangers. Ugh. So anything that brings things a little closer to normal is good.

I’m sure there will be more posts later, once we get into pumping and actually know what we are doing. For now, though, I’m just waitin’ on the Fedex guy. . .


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3 Responses to Anticipation

  1. Kelly Corder says:

    YAY!!! I hope he loves his pump as much as I do. I know you will love the tighter control! Did you get a Minimed pump?

  2. Wendy says:

    I hope the FedEx guy arrived and you’re still giddy with excitement! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂 Starting a pump is a big step on a long journey!

    We love our daughter’s Ping and wish you much success!

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