Midnight Rant

There is a reason that I read a good number of adult Type 1 blogs right along with the D-mom and dad blogs. I feel the need to see how people who are grown and/or have grown up with this disease deal with it all. I feel the overwhelming need, desire, pressure (not sure any of these is the right word right now) to make absolutely certain that when my boy is of the age where he’s taking charge of his diabetes on his own, that he won’t have a screwed up body already – courtesy of his stoopid mommy.

So, I read Kerri’s blog. I read Chris’s blog, and I surf around to the folks that they mention, because I want to know that people actually DO make it to the other side of this. I want to know that all this is working, and it’s not all useless and doomed. I want to know that my anger and frustration will pay off in the end.

‘Cause seriously? I’m sick and f%&$#?* tired of asking my son to check his blood sugar. I’m sick to death of telling him “no” to the extra snacks he would like to have – you know – because he’s eight and a growing kid!, and I am DEFINITELY sick and f$&%#?$ tired of giving my kid shots in his tummy in the middle of the night when he’s gone high.

This disease SUCKS.



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5 Responses to Midnight Rant

  1. Kelly Corder says:

    Feel free to ask me anything. I get emails right away on my phone. Type 1 is, unfortunately, my specialty 😦 The pump is amazing. No more saying no to snacks and candy and no shots at night. IF for some odd reason he had a high sugar reading at night you would just press it into the pump and hit enter and it fixes it. My CGM with my pump checks my sugar every 5 minutes too so a lot less testing daily.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Kelly. We are currently waiting on our pump’s arrival and ‘setup.’ We can’t WAIT!! The whole “pump approval” post is up next, but I was just so pissed off last night that I had to get it out! Thanks a bunch!


  2. Rani says:

    Ick and Ugh. Battling wills with an 8 year old is enough to throw you over, let alone dealing with all the rest. Hang in there. And thank you for your kind words regarding our dog. I really appreciate that.

  3. Wendy says:

    HI! Nice to “meet” you 🙂

    My oldest daughter was dx with T1 in 2005, at the age of 24 months. She has been pumping for 4 years — currently wearing the Ping. She started wearing a Dexcom about a month ago as well.

    She and I both have celiac.

    It’s a crazy life!

    I’ll add you to my blog roll 🙂

  4. Shannon says:

    I’m sorry. : (

    If it helps, my son is 15, diagnosed at 13, and he has taken almost complete control of his care. I have had the same feelings as you regarding helping him become responsible on his own. He will need to be completely independent in 3 years. I do not kid myself to think we may not face challenges, but so far he is doing well. (it is a balancing act)

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