What NOT To Do With Your Halloween Stash

Okay, so today’s post could really be called “can’t believe I trusted them” – meaning The Boy and his daddy – to eat only HALF the ginormous box of Jolly Rancher gummy candies.

On Halloween, The Boy got not one, but two FULL BOXES of Jolly Rancher gummy candies from our sweet neighbor who calls him “Zackie.” Sweet lady, and she has no idea about The Boy’s diabetes, and so she gave him the boxes of candy. Just like most of the Halloween stash, I’m guessing it will probably all wind up in the trash or my own personal lunch box (hee hee), so I didn’t really mind at the time.

Well, on Monday night, he insisted he was taking the box to dinner with his dad. We looked at the label together, and decided that no, 45 grams of carbs wasn’t really a LOT considering it was for the whole box of candy, but I pointed out that since he’d be having it with his dinner, he probably didn’t want to have 100 carbs at a time, even for a meal, and that half the box would be plenty. He agreed, we showed the box to his dad when he arrived, and they took off.

No, they did not listen. There are reasons we are no longer married.

When they came back from dinner, The Boy told on himself promptly. Him “Hi, Mommy. Daddy let me have the whole box!” Me: “Oh, really . . . ?” (Insert irritated look here.)

Here’s what that meant:

At bedtime, his BG was 246. I, thinking of the sugar, sugar, sugar that caused this, gave a correction according to his current correction factor (1 unit). Bedtime was 10:00 (the next day was election day – no school).

Midnight (2 hours later), BG = 269. Why yes, that number IS higher than when I gave the correction. Thanks for noticing.

2 am, BG = 249. Well hell, at least that’s closer to the midnight reading.

I pondered giving him another correction. That’s a long time to be high. I didn’t see how I was going to get at any skin to give him another injection (sleeper PJs) without waking him and causing a crying, screaming fit, so I gave up and went to bed. I didn’t say I slept well, but I went to bed.

8:30 am – BG = 118.



Stoopid diabetes.


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2 Responses to What NOT To Do With Your Halloween Stash

  1. Rani says:

    Sorry to say this out loud . . . BUT WHAT THE HELL IS DADDY THINKING!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!

    • heather219 says:

      Amen, sister! He normally does a really good job, but this was a baaaaaaad, bad decision that I don’t think he’ll make again! :O)

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