This weekend, I took a ‘sanity break.’ Moms don’t often get a bunch of downtime, and being a divorced mom, I know I get a tad more of a break than a lot of moms out there, but since diabetes came to live in our family, even the weekends when The Boy is away with his dad feel like weekends when I’m still on duty. And, don’t forget we live in a house full-o-love (grandparents in residence).

So, when I found out that The Boy and his dad were going to be heading out of town for a visit with family, I hopped on priceline.com and made a bid or two for a bit of alone time. I got a pretty good deal on the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, and pretty much spent the entire weekend asleep. I still went to The Boy’s soccer game early in the morning on Saturday, then went to get my hair colored (!), but pretty much every spare moment in the hotel was spent sleeping. I think I spent about 12 hours sleeping Saturday night!

The hotel was super courteous, and even allowed me to keep my car in their valet service while I perused the National Museum of African Art. It was very convenient to get in the museum time, since the hotel is pretty much across the street from the castle of the Smithsonian, which is behind the African Art museum.

There are some great exhibits there, including a collection of art that Walt Disney had a hand in collecting. There were some fascinating carved pieces there, as well as a headdress that was completely embroidered with those teeny-tiny seed beads that I refuse to use myself. Amazing! The Grass Roots exhibit appealed to the crafter in me, and I just love the layout of that museum space in general. It also doesn’t hurt that you get there by walking through the most amazing gardens!

And now? I think I feel ready for more carb counting, insulin dosing, BS checks, keeping up with my household duties, and tackling (not literally) the 26 little people that have been entrusted to me this year.



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One Response to E-scap-e’

  1. Rani says:

    You are a wise woman to take the time to be with yourself and to relax . . . and sleep.

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