Choosing to Pump

So, in my last post, I mentioned that I am going to have to miss my official first teacher day back (just training and updates and stuff, no students) for another class at Children’s National Medical Center. Here’s why:

At The Boy’s checkup with his endocrinologist a few weeks ago, we mentioned that his current insulin therapy, for lack of a better term, SUCKED and we wanted to move to a pump as soon as possible. I was prepared for a struggle, after talking to other parents of CWD, but to my astonishment (and delight), the doctor said OK! She even agreed to take the last few months as part of the time we need to “serve” doing MDI (multiple daily injections)/basal bolus, even though we won’t be switching to basal/bolus and MDI until after the second class, in September.

We have had to do our own switching around of insulin doses with our guy, even though we’re still currently ‘just’ doing two shots per day. We had to be on guard to adjust both his morning and evening doses for a long while at the beginning of the summer (we pretty much had no spring this year) due to the heat and baseball and swimming, but still battle lows, and feel as though we are stuffing him full of food at each meal to try to ensure he WON’T go low. Not fun.

Activity levels, heat, and a ton of other things can all affect the amount of insulin a body needs. We discovered quickly that the heat is not our friend, but a cool swimming pool is. Unless, of course, you’re doing your best impression of Michael Phelps at 8 years old. Swimming laps for an hour and a half straight will eat up 30 grams of carbs with NO insulin. Ask me how I know.

So, that plus the great A1C number we got apparently put us on the fast track. We are thrilled. The Boy understands that he will have to do more than two shots per day for a bit, and he’s okay with that – he really wants a pump, and we really want him on a pump!

We’re looking around at our options right now, asking questions, getting samples, and doing some major research. He wore a trial OmniPod for two days last week, and seemed to like it at first, but after a while, it seemed like it was irritating him a bit. Hmmm, will he be able to do this? He asked to take it off the second evening. I do like the fact that the Pod stays connected for the water. He wore it for practice on morning, and took two showers with it, and we still had to put baby oil on the adhesive to get it unstuck.

The other pump that we are considering is the Minimed – ‘Paradigm’/Revel is the name of that one, I think. We really like the built-in CGM with that one (the OmniPod remote is also a glucose meter, so it comes close to meeting the same needs), but we wonder about the sports with the tubing and keeping the pump attached. Also, in order to take advantage of the CGM feature, you have to wear another sensor. So . . . wouldn’t that be the same as wearing the big ole’ OmniPod? Should we just move to a ‘regular’ pump and not worry about the ‘meter’ aspects of it at this point??

We still have lots to consider and lots of research to do, but that’s our job now. Thanks for putting up with my rambling!!

And, because I hate picture-less posts, here’s a pic of The Boy, trying his best to get us booted off Smithsonian property. This was in the sculpture garden on The Mall.

In his defense, the name of the sculpture did have the word ‘pool’ in it, and well, you know him . . .


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One Response to Choosing to Pump

  1. Rani says:

    Hey! I’m getting a great education, too! My dad has type 2 and my sister-in-law who is in her late 40’s was just diagnosed with type 1. Shocking but what is there to do but forge ahead. I am hoping and praying that all goes well with your darling babe. He is lucky to have such an amazing momma!!!

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