What We’ve Been Up To

Boy, oh boy, that Boy keeps me busy. I seem to have worked out a ‘system’ though – we’ll see if it continues to help me seem awake for all of my motherly duties! Here it is in a nutshell – I’m starting with bedtime, because what you do at night really can help you have a great next day!

8:00 pm = bedtime. Usually just for The Boy, but I have been known to fall asleep mid-sentence during a read-aloud. Ahem. Told you I’m beat!

The 8:00 bedtime usually means that by 8:30, he’s in bed being read to, but occasionally it’s 9pm.

After putting him to bed, I get myself showered and ready for bed so that in the morning, I can do this:

6:10 am, get up throw on something presentable (sometimes this just means putting the proper supporting garments on under my pj’s), wake The Boy, urge him to check his blood sugar and do his bathroom routine (you have NO idea), remind him to grab a protein bar; grab coffee while he does this, then:

6:50 = walk out the door, jump in the car, and make it to practice by 7:00.

I just have to add that this is such a monumental feat because the 6:50 leave time means that it’s 10 FULL MINUTES EARLIER THAN I LEAVE THE HOUSE IN THE MORNINGS FOR WORK/SCHOOL!!!!!!

Isn’t this supposed to be Summer break?

Well, anything for That Boy. AND, when we do this in the mornings, it means that by 8:45, we are back in the house, awake and raring to go for whatever it is we have planned for the day.

Here are some of the things we’ve done with our days in the past two weeks of break:

-release the froggies we raised from tadpoles into the lake on Andrews

-win a baseball championship (okay, so we didn’t win the final game, but we gave the winning team QUITE a run for their money, if I do say so myself. it was very dramatic!).

-plenty of geocache-ing

-attend the Smithsonian’s Folk Life Festival on the National Mall.

-swim with friends (no pics),

-and Mama even did some spinning that’s she’s pretty durn proud of

-And, let’s not forget that we are always counting carbs, watching blood sugars, giving shots, and just plain ‘on guard’ in general.

Whew. See why I need a nap by 8pm??


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2 Responses to What We’ve Been Up To

  1. Rani says:

    My gosh. When do you squeeze in time for posting?! (while you eat your lunch?)

    • heather219 says:

      Hah. You can see my posts are few and far between these days! That would be why. There’s always something else to be done! (Like steal a great idea from a bloggy friend – we floured up some T-shirts this afternoon. . . wonder where that idea came from!).

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