I’m A Dork. I DO Watch that Show!

I’ll admit it, I am a big dork. A bit too much of one at times, but I’m getting old and I’m set in my ways, so what’s there to do about it? Nothing. Yup.

My crafting/creating addiction has given me leeway to watch silly things on TV, like The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, Castle, and Desperate Housewives. That said, they’ve now become addictions for me, and I’m both excited and disappointed with the new season of DWTS that will start in a few weeks.

It seems that to find a cast, they dug down deep to find ‘stars’ that the viewing public already detests. I can’t help but wonder – why? Do they hope that, by having people that no one likes, will the viewers not call in to vote, thereby making the scores based more on the judges scores? Are they trying to ensure that only a certain set make it to the finals? Just what ARE they trying to prove?

You be the judge. The final cast is as follows:

Pamela Anderson
Chad Ochocinco
Aiden Turner Please, please, please note: I DO NOT hate this guy. In fact, I’m hoping that he winds up as, erm, ‘popular’ as Giles Marini (who danced with Cheryl) last season!!
Erin Andrews Okay – another ‘no hate’ – once I googled her, I remembered her, but again, not someone I object to.
Shannon Doherty
Buzz Aldrin No hate, no hate, I swear! Wouldn’t you be struck dead if you dared to hate THE Buzz Aldrin???
Niecy Nash LOVE her!!!
Nicole Scherzinger I hate her because I don’t look like her. That aside, she’s pretty much a sure bet for winner. Final 3 at least. AND she’s paired with Derek, who will definitely work with what she’s got, if you know what I mean. Did I mention that I hate her?
Evan Lysacek Don’t hate AT. ALL. He’s got a gold medal!
Kate Gosselin Ick.
Jake Pavelka Double ick.

So, I’m hoping that several people are eliminated the first night, but other than that – bring on the dancing.

I actually get really into supporting the pro dancers more than worrying about which ‘star’ does what – I love seeing how the pros deal with what they’re given as far as stars, and absolutely love it when they get matched really well to a star – I’m thinking Edyta and Jason or Cheryl and Giles (or Emmit!!) or Julianne and Apollo or Maks and Mel B (or Laila).

So yes, I watch ‘that show’ and I love it. I even let The Boy watch a bit here and there – a dance or two before bedtime. Don’t worry, though, he’s all ‘boy’ about it – my favorite comment of his about the show – he commented on one of the blond pro’s costumes, saying “with what she’s wearing, he (the partner) would want to touch her.” Don’t they start early . . . sigh. . .

What are your guilty pleasures? Any other DWTS fans out there?


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1 Response to I’m A Dork. I DO Watch that Show!

  1. heather says:

    yes. I like Dancing and I really like Castle. I hope this season is as good as it looks to be.

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