How I Make Yarn, Continued

Okay, when I finished up over there, I was talking about ‘carding’ the fiber with hand cards – mine are Ashford student hand carders, 72 point. Once the fiber is nice and smooth, I then roll the fiber into rolags. These make for nice, easy spinning with the long-draw technique I love so much, and that proves to be easy on the hands (when you do it right – LOL!).

Once I get a bunch of these rolled up, I’m ready to spin for a while. Here’s some of the yarn I’ve made so far with this fiber. On the bobbin:

and in a hank:

I hope to make the Ravensong cowl-neck pullover from A Fine Fleece with this yarn, if I have enough. I may consider supplementing with some Ultra Alpaca if I don’t have enough. Or, I may have to omit the cowl. Less dramatic, but it will be all my handspun. Decisions, decisions!

So that is it. You could do the same thing, but on a smaller scale with your spindle, Rani!!


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2 Responses to How I Make Yarn, Continued

  1. Jenny says:

    Hey, cool new place! I like it!

    • heather219 says:

      Thanks so much! I was a bit tired of the other place, and looking for a change, so I spent some time on it this morning!

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