Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

February 19th:

My boy turned 8. Once again, I wait for the world to explain to me just how a thing like this could have happened. It WAS just yesterday that he was born, so how the heck did he turn 8?

Regardless, it happened, so . . . we made cupcakes on Thursday night:

That he then took in to his buddies in his class on Friday morning.

Mom got to drop him off, too, since my school system is still running a 2-hour delay, but his school went in on time! Yay!

After school I picked him up “in the line” (immediately after school) so that he could come home and tear into a few more packages. He was immediately wowed by the scooter my parents gave him (that I somehow managed not to have a photo of!).

Then, it was off to pick up the cake and meet Auntie Jenn and Daddy at Red Robin. Too much fun for kids, and Auntie got extra brownie points for the Shawn White game and CLOTHES (who knew??)!!!

After the dinner, it was over to GameStop to trade his 1 year old DS Lite for a DSi. We totally work the DS time to our advantage by requiring that he read more to earn his play time. So far, however, the DS has always taken a backseat to playing outside, and since we still have at least a foot of unmelted snow, I don’t even see the new toy totally taking over like I’ve seen in some little ones!

Now, he is totally happy and one year older, and I still kinda feel like I’m shell shocked. All is right with the world! LOL!


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

  1. Rani says:

    Happy happy birthday to the big 8 year old. It does go so fast, doesn't it.

  2. Javajem says:

    Happy birthday to you boy! Sounds like he had a great day!

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