All this resting is really quite exhausting! Suddenly, I actually let my mind wander into that dark corner. You know. . . the one in the living room that holds too much junk. Well, in my teeny tiny living room, there seems to be just TOO MUCH all the time, but you know what I mean!

Yesterday, I dusted off and cleaned out under my desk. I found work/printed online textbooks from my Masters (that I’ve had now for four years . . . ), a few old bills (the rest will go to the bulk shredder just as soon as I do my taxes), and pretty much organized my fiber/yarn corner into neatness. Feels good.

Wish I was spinning.

Then, The Boy, my sister, and I also had a Create-Your-Own-Dino contest. We all created, drew, named, and colored/painted our own dinosaurs. Then, we had unwitting family members vote on their favorites. The Boy “won” but we all know my dinosaur – anglerobicus was the real winner. LOL So. Much. Fun!

I also have just about finished reading “The Tempest Tales” by Walter Mosley. This is one I was listening to on audio book while knitting before bed, but returned and checked out for real on Saturday. Along with 4 other actual novels. Maybe this will turn into a book-review blog for a bit . . . This one is really good – a funny look at life, death, sin, morality, heaven, and hell. Mosley is so good! Wish I was knitting and listening, though!

And, I also discovered a GREAT way to ice my poor trigger thumb:

Perfect fit, wouldn’t you say? I may need a steady stream of these to keep things under control! LOLOLOL!

And, . . .

Did I tell you we had another snowstorm??

So far 2 feet of snow for the DC area this season. Woohoo! Now that’s what I call Winter!!

Still wish I was spinning!

Rani – tomorrow, I promise a look so far at what I’ve done to the BFL/Cotswold fleece I recently purchased. I figure I’d best do this now, since I have 2 pounds of Lincoln locks and another 2 pounds of Romney fleece on their way to me as well!!! Tee hee!


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One Response to Healing

  1. Nik says:

    I need one of those to ice my knee. 😀 I had to laugh at your choice of icing apparatus…

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