Who Knew?

That my little Cub Scout (actually, he’s a “Wolf”, but all those designations confuse the nonsense out of me) would win his first Pinewood Derby race??

Apparently, he and his dad are pretty good at making cars that go fast! Considering Mommy tried to break the thing not once but twice (it hit the floor and off popped all the cool washers and such that weight it down . . .)I think their talents are remarkable.

Here he is after we hot-glued several washers and small lead weights to his car (but before it hit the floor the first time). He’s smiling, slightly.

And here he is after his car won his “heat.” Made even cooler by the fact that he was the only “wolf” in attendance from the pack, so he went up against the more seasoned “bears.” Notice that now, he’s too cool to smile at his Mommy.

When it was all said and done, his car took 2nd place overall, earning him a trophy, and a trip to the district race in March. Let’s hope the car recovers as nicely as it did the first time, cause during cleanup, the car hit the floor again. Oy.

Again, much too cool to smile at Mommy. Sheesh!


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3 Responses to Who Knew?

  1. KnitTech says:

    Congrats to the Boy!!

  2. Rani says:

    This will be the first year in many that we are not in the derby. The boys never won a trophy! How exciting for him. Congrats.

  3. Heather says:

    Yea! Good for the Boy! Our Pinewood Derby is on the 13th. My boys are already planning their victory dances… no shortage of self-esteem in this house… and they actually have been working hard to earn it this year. It is a great time for a boy and his dad.Congrats on the wheel… I totally understand spinning until it hurts. I do it every time! heehee.

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