Yesterday there was little spinning toward the TDF goal. Why? Because my fleeces FINALLY came back in from Zeilinger’s! Yay!

This bag had 3 pounds of this dusty-brown merino top. Yum. The woman I dropped it off with at the MDS&W suggested making it into top for a smoother fiber to process into a smoother yarn. She said that the short “neps” would come out that way, and make for smoother spinning. I believe her now, because there was a whole bag of “waste” as well-nothing but short, pill-y stuff that I’m assuming I can stuff a pillow with, but nothing more. Unless anyone else knows of something to do with fiber that has a staple length of about 1/8 of an inch!!

I am sharing this fleece with my sister, so I grabbed 4-ounce hanks and put them in separate ziplocks. I’ll do the same with her half. Hopefully there will be a tad more for sampling when I’ve finished divvy-ing!

The spinning I DID do was maybe half a bobbin of the CJ Copek BFL that is on my list. I LOVE that fiber, and will try to content myself with that while I decide what I’d truly like to do with the merino. I have thoughts, but I need to make my spinning plan, do some sampling, and spin this stuff right. No messin’ around with the merino!

Today, I am on my own for a bit, so I plan to do some work (a power-point that I really need for reading evaluations), then get back to the fiber, so I’m off to get busy!


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One Response to Finally!

  1. Rani says:

    How fun! The stuff on the wheel looks fantastic. I love the warm colors.

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