Worless Because I Have No Time

Here’s some pretty pictures. I’ll update with the actual news that goes with it later. Apparently, I am incapable of a wordless post!

Creatively Dyed yarn – quickly becoming the Whisper Cardigan – this will be my summer sweater to fend off the air-conditioning!

Holy-crap my bobbin broke! WHILE I was plying some yummy yarn! ARG!!!

Cool fiber I got at the Yarn Party that has sari threads carded in – it’s called Confetti. I plan to spin, then dye this – fun, fun!!!

Alpaca from an animal named Gracie – the owners are so nice – I’ll post on their farm and animals later this spring, after I make a visit!

First installment of the Intention Yarns yarn club. Things are a bit wonky getting the club off the ground, but the yarn is nice. They will become Monkey socks (finally!).

Pictures of some fiber from a fiber-study group. I’ve got one ounce of about 11 different fibers. This is Border Leicester, and I love the natural color. Washed, but not carded or spun as of yet. I wanted to have another washed and ready to go for when I’m prepared to deal with it.

The first two skeins of Corredale that I’m spinning up – it actually goes right along with one of the PS 4 themes – “north” since half of this fiber is from my trip to Canada this past summer. I’m plying that fiber with a lighter colored corriedale that I got locally at Cloverhill, and it’s turning out wonderfully. A study in spinning, too – because I’m doing long draw with one strand, and short forward with the other. Interesting!


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3 Responses to Worless Because I Have No Time

  1. Rani says:

    THAT is a lot of yarn yumminess!

  2. ltwis says:

    I received my shipment, but haven’t opened it yet because it is so stinky! I’m going to bring it home with me though so that I can wash it and spin it up.That’s some really dirty water by the way! GROSS.

  3. Heather says:

    Heh. Zachary told me “Mommy, you know sheep pee on other sheep.” Serious as a heart attack! He’s a mess.

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