Goings On

There’s been a lot going on here lately. I’ll give a picture post with a few words to catch you all up!

The gamblers have returned, and along with them, a real, live POODLE has arrived at the house. She gets a proper cut when she goes to visit the breeder, and this time, she’s got actual curls underneath, instead of puppy fuzz. MUCH better!

Here’s what I’ve been spinning:

Inspired by the package I’m putting together for my Valentine Swap partner, I carded two different fibers from Windrose (ETSY vendor). Both were dyed “Princely Purple” but one was merino, one alpaca. They both came with the same shade of angelina, too, so I carded a bit of both rovings along with the angelina, then spun away.

Beautiful! It wasn’t much, though (barely one bobbin full), so I thought I’d see how it goes with the Creatively Dyed braid full of wool and seacell in purples that I picked up at Stitches East this year. I’m carding it, too, to blend the seacell in a bit more:

It went from this:

To this:

And I love it!!! With as huge as this braid was, I’m thinking I’ll try a three-ply yarn. Two strands of the Creatively Dyed and one of the Windrose. I’m still carding and spinning, though, so it will be a while. A fun while, but a while. I also discovered I’m in need of more empty bobbins (again).

As for knitting, I’m a bit through with myself for how many projects I’ve gotten myself into the middle of. Barring any forgotten UFOs, I am currently working on:

1. Morning Surf scarf (this is the end of the spinning study I was doing with a Ravelry group).
2. All Aboard – a shawl/wrap from Knitters a couple seasons ago (note – this is actually finished and blocking upstairs. I will give updated pics and a review once it’s sewn together and worn!!).
3. Snow White (got stalled because of a mistake, and can’t get started again).
4. Aurora’s Surprise (Baby Surprise Jacket for a co-worker).
5. Wrap cardigan from the fall that I put aside because of an error (heard that before)
6. Cherie Amour – stalled because I suck at reading patterns for shaping.

And that doesn’t even begin to mention the things I WANT to knit!!! LIke the Francis Revisited I said I’d knit along with a friend, or the Wrap Cardigan from Runway knits that I heart, heart, heart!!!

Inspiration comes from great ideas, though. With that in mind, my friend Heather told me about a brilliant plan to get more socks knit. Since I’ve been knitting NO socks at all, I thought this might just inspire me, and it has.

Here’s the socks I plan to knit SOON. I’ve grabbed the patterns I love or want to try, and matched them up to sock yarn that’s in my stash. Put them in bags, and then when you are able to cast on (note, I said “able” not “it’s a good idea”), you grab a bag, and you’re sure to say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

The goal/purpose for all this? I want to cast on for one of those socks SOON. I’m setting March 1st as the cast-on date for a new pair of socks. That means finishing the baby gift and at least three of the unfinished sweaters before I can start any socks. That should make me feel better. Wish me luck!

I also decided to show my other little obsession going on (When there’s time, that is!). I’ve been Wii-ing it, and here’s a couple family helper miis, there to cheer me on during the Advanced Step. Sometimes they’re there for the hula hoop sessions and running as well!!! Too fun! For those of you not in my immediate family, the lady in the green is my late Grammy (LOVE seeing her step!!), and the one in blue is my very own mother!!


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4 Responses to Goings On

  1. ltwis says:

    Molly looks cute, and BIG. Max is going to love thrashing her. He is also going to LOVE thrashing all those toys. She has WAY, WAY more toys than he has.Your spinning is coming along. I pulled out my creativelydyed last night…I didn’t do anything with it because I’m still working on that 2×1 ribbing…only a few more rows to go. I may try to do up a few spindles today. I’m curious to see how it looks. I also went wishing at copperpot’s Etsy store. I will not buy, I will not buy! But I sure do love HO LAY JEANS AND SAVANNAH! : )Cute idea for the socks.

  2. del says:

    I love that sock idea! Don’t feel bad, I have about 7 WIPs going on, which for me, is crazy.The spinning fiber colors are sooo pretty.

  3. Rani says:

    That first picture of roving looks suspiciously like Molly’s color. hmmmmm. Is this economic crunch getting to you, too? wink

  4. Heather says:

    those little brown bags are a wonderful motivator!! But when you have so much beautiful fiber and lovely projects all around you, it is so hard to stay focused. Ah, but we do our best. Can’t wait to see your 3 ply!

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