All Bets are ON!

Why is it that, when you mention that you are going to be anywhere near a casino, people start throwing money at you? Why can’t they do that on a ‘normal’ day?? My parents are planning their yearly trek to Las Vegas, and keep telling me of friends handing over their pocket change.$2-$3 at a time. I hope they don’t plan to get rich. It’ll never happen that way.

I’m not much of a gambler (the quarter slots were my friends on the cruise this past summer), but I might give some of the top online casinos if I were so inclined.

Right now, however, my “bets” if you will, are going toward yarn and knitting projects. That’s my favorite kind of gambling. I think I win, no matter what the outcome. Either I play with yarn (which I love) with no good outcome, or I play with yarn (again, LOVE) and wind up with something yummy to wear. Win. Win. Win!!!

Now, with my new spinning wheel, I’m even more dangerous! Behold, I give you – my first wheel-spun, plied yarn.

Isn’t it FABULOUS???? Okay, so actually, only one of these skeins is balanced (the one at the top of the screen – just slightly “darker” too, and I’m trying to figure out how to do that, but really? I made yarn. 305 yards of it in one fell swoop. Those of you who might spin with a spindle – you’ll be the ones who really appreciate that. Spindle spinning is soothing, relaxing, you get into making the yarn and enjoying how the fiber spins up and all, but. . . Dude. You get like 50 yards when you’re finished. And “finished” might take a couple days. This time, a couple days gave me 305 yards. Definitely enough for the Morning Surf Scarf I’m going to knit with the yarn. I may have to do a cowl for a giftie. I’m still considering what other options could help me use up every single solitary ounce of this yarn.

Can you tell, I’m VERY proud of myself!!

A shot of me plying on my Hitchhiker. I can see where a separate Lazy Kate, that would be able to sit behind me like I’m used to for my fiber, would be a good idea. For now, I’m broke and I’m using the on-board one. Sometimes you just gotta make it work.

This was the end of my spinning. What you see in roving here is the last of the lighter half of the roving.

Here are the two full bobbins I wound up with. One was from the front half of the roving, the other from the back (front = darker colors, back = lighter colors). They both look pretty much the same here, though, because I’d spun from the outside in.


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4 Responses to All Bets are ON!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that is delicious looking yarn, the kind that is ussually very expensive and never comes in the colors that you really want. Well, you have solved that problem. And of course you know what all of us are going to want for Christmas next year, right? Well done, Heather!!!Your cousin in the cold north. It is 20 below here tonight…

  2. Melodye says:

    It’s gorgeous. I agree with your cousin in “that’s it’s usually very expensive and never comes in colors you really want”. I’m a very new spinner and can really appreciate the work involved. Congratulations!!

  3. Jenn says:

    Hmm. I’m impressed with the outcome. Damn. Now I’m going to have to try that too. You and mom cost me too much money. I’m jobless remember? LOL.

  4. Heather says:


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