It’s Here! It’s Here!!!

With help from Santa, I ordered a Hitchhiker spinning wheel just after Christmas. Yesterday morning, it came. I am now a spinner of the spinning wheel kind (before this, I was spinning with a drop spindle like mad!).

I love it!

I could barely wait for it to arrive, and had to keep my hands busy, so I prepared some roving that I had previously tried out on an Ashford Joy at Cloverhill Yarn Shop.
My current knitting project – Snow White – was (and is) in timeout, because I’m silly and can’t do shaping and ribbing at the same time. So, I’m taking it out on the project and not working on it! That’ll show that silly yarn for tricking me!!!

I did swatch for two other sweaters at my new knitting group meeting. The Bowie Knitters are a wonderful, welcoming, knowledgeable group and I love them all!! The wheel came just as I was getting ready to leave to go to the meeting, but I managed to stop long enough to pull it out of the box, set it up, treadle a bit, then tie on a leader. It’s all ready to go!!!

When I returned, I tried out the rainbow roving I’d prepared earlier.

And after some work and dinner, I started on the Sunshine of Your Love roving from Crown Mountain Fibers.

This wheel rocks, and I can’t wait till we have all our kinks worked out and are spinning at full speed! I love it, I love it, I love it!!

Any suggestions on a name? I eventually plan to finish it with some pretty wood stains, but for now, I want to SPIN!!!!


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3 Responses to It’s Here! It’s Here!!!

  1. ltwis says:

    I’m so glad the wheel arrived. I am going to try to do some spinning of the drop spindle kind tomorrow. I’ve been too caught up in this game this weeekend, but today I realized I can do all kinds of things in the 15 minutes between! LOL.I’ll think of a name…

  2. Heather says:

    Yea for you!!!!!! and such colorful roving to play with! I think I am going to spin and watch football tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

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