Merry Christmas Eve!

Sometimes little boys grow like weeds. I swear, I SAW him do this during this past month! You could just TELL things were happening. If you can’t quite make it out – the top line says 12/22/08, and the one before it/underneath it says 11/20/08. Less than one month! Maybe that’s why he had to have that last tooth pulled because it just wouldn’t fall out on it’s own??? The Tooth Fairy brought him 4 golden dollars for that one since it was so traumatic. Isn’t that nice of her (him??)!

Things here have been very festive, very holiday, very cold, and very exciting! I LOVE this time of year. Nothing to do but spend time with the family, and I love it!!! Yes, I still think about my classroom in the shower (don’t ask – horrible habit of an overworked teacher), but mostly, it’s just me and The Boy against the world, trying to do as much family stuff as we can. Yesterday we ran to see Santa, ate lunch out, had desert at Cold Stone, saw the movie “Bolt”, came home for home-made pizza dinner, then played with our cousins the whole evening long. What a great day. If it weren’t for the horrible holiday attitudes we had to deal with while we were out (two on the highway, one trying to get into the movies), it would have been PERFECT!!!

We are finished with our shopping – hallelujah! I am considering running to the 7-Elleven to get some scratch-offs for my dad’s stocking. Might do that when I run to grab what Santa has stashed at my mother’s office, but I am DONE.

I have wrapped up the Lizard Ridge (smiled the whole time!) and it’s now underneath the tree. I actually went back to working on my Snow White this afternoon. I’m almost finished with the first sleeve (I think I need to increase once more at the top, even though I’m supposed to be finished increasing. If I do, however, and it buckles, I’m thinking I’ll be disappointed. My arms do, however, get slightly bigger after the point where I am now, so I’m also thinking it’s a good bet to hedge. I am still baffled by how, exactly, the neckline of this sweater will be going together. . . we shall see. I’ll be sure to give detailed photos!! Here’s the progress so far:

The beautiful sleeve detail. I love this garter stitch ribbing – so beautiful and functional!

This is the body so far – long and tubular for a good fit. The increases in the ribbing pattern are (hopefully) strategically planned to be functional and flattering. Let’s hope my parts match up in the final fitted piece!!

The yarn – Patons “Country” – is nice to work with. I’m not sure how warm it will be, but since my school is a sauna this year thanks to a new heating/ac unit for the building – who cares!!!

Well, I’m off to listen to more Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas stuff (I used my first Christmas present today – an iTunes card from a co-worker) and knit some more while The Boy is distracted by the neighbor. Merry Christmas!


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One Response to Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. ltwis says:

    Nothing says Christmas like a good scratch off!

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