The Boy and I made our first gingerbread house together.

Clearly, we will be needing a lifetime of practice to get this right!

We also put the Christmas tree up on Friday evening. Here they are, just after my dad put the angel on top.

And here’s what The Boy thinks of decorating the tree (finally)!

In knitting news, I have just about finished the charity scarf that I promised (I’m trying to get it finished for Monday, so I can drop it off and concentrate on the LR gift knit). This means I’ll have about 10 full days (well, as “full” as the knitting portion of my day can go seeing as how I still have a job, a kid, and would like to see the floor in my bedroom sometime before 2009!) to knit on the blanket for The Boy.

I discovered on Friday evening that I’m pretty much finished with the 2nd panel. I laid the two out side by side, along with the start of the 3rd panel (it’s actually the first ‘square’ I did before I began knitting long panels instead) and decided that it will most likely need to be 4 panels long. Hence, the charity scarf has GOT TO GO!!! Just when I was feeling like I had control of the blanket, here comes another weekend’s worth of knitting to squeeze in!!! Here’s where the ‘convenience’ of being divorced comes in. The weekends he’s away, I get to do “my” stuff, in which case this particular weekend coming up? It’ll be spent knitting and listening to knit blogs or books on tape!!


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3 Responses to Amateurs

  1. Javajem says:

    Wow – good luck finishing the Lizard Ridge blanket – that is quite a task!Love the tree and I think the ginger bread house is adorable!

  2. ltwis says:

    You have a lot of frosting on your house!Are you going to eat it?Nice tree. No pics of the dog? What did she think of the tree going up?

  3. Robin says:

    Looks like fun! The gingerbread house is really cute.

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