Another Holidailies

In answer to the Holidailies prompt for today (oops, it’s actually for TOMORROW – see what happens when I read my sister’s blog??): “Do you still live in town where you grew up?” I give you:

No. While I DO live in the town where I grew up, “still” doesn’t quite describe it! I keep trying to leave here (it’s actually not a bad place to live, overall), but somehow, I keep coming back!

Here’s how it happened. In 1991, I moved to the next town over (Bowie, MD), asserting my independence and all that! That lasted for about 6 months. Then I left the area completely and went into the Air Force. While there, I lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. (Let’s stop here to note that, at the time I left for the military, DC was the murder capital of the nation. Also note that, during the time I lived in Shreveport, IT was the murder capital of the nation. I swear I am not a serial killer.)

After the military, I moved “back home” while I attended the University of Maryland. My town is close enough to commute, so I did, while saving a bundle on room and board! While attending UMD, I met my future (now ex-) husband, and moved to Catonsville, Maryland with him (This was 1999? – I think?). 6 years later, I moved back here in the midst of our divorce, got my son settled into a school, and wound up staying.

Somehow, I have the feeling I’ll just wind up staying here, although I do have dreams of running off and discovering some great new place to live! I always thought it would be nice to live in South Hero or Burlington, Vermont – where my Grandmother was from (and a dear cousin or two still live). One day. You know – when I rule the world!


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One Response to Another Holidailies

  1. ltwis says:

    You can move up there and take care of Carol when she’s old. She’ll have that little house built by then, and then when you are both old Zachary can move up there… : )

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