Sale or Trade

I am forgoing the Holidailies writing prompt to show Nerdynunchucks my stash that’s about to go into my Ravelry stash as “for sale or trade.” She won a contest a couple posts back, and I promised her the pick of the litter, so to say.

So, without further ado, here is the stuff that’s in my stash that I just have a feeling I won’t be knitting up:

Tahki Cotton Classic (mercerized, i.e. non-stretchy) in color 3416, a salmon-y pink. 3 full 108 yard skeins, and one half-skein, wound into a ball.

Valley Yarns “Rainbow” yarn – 4 full skeins, although one has lost the tag. This is color 09, lot 4. 140 yards per skein. 85% wool, 11% acrylic, 4% poly.

One full, one 3/4 skein Giglio novelty yarn. This is great for those who are patient enough to knit those pretty scarves, but I am not one of those people, hence, I started one scarf, and quickly gave up after about 10 rows. 100% nylon tape yarn there’s probably 150 yards left here total.

Three full cones of Brilloso – a 21%cotton, 64% rayon, 15% acrylic blend that I was going to knit a summer tank out of. That was about 3 Stitches ago. Since I haven’t knit it yet, I don’t think it’ll get done EVER! I opened one cone, but never even swatched with it, so three full cones remain (There’s about 450 yards per cone, so 1200 at least)

Here’s a kit from JoAnn’s, I believe. It’s all 100% wool yarn put together in a kit for a felted bag. I just don’t happen to need a pink felted bag. Nor does anyone I know. There’s about 375 yards total, plus the pattern for the felted bag if you are so inclined. I nabbed the crochet hook that came with the kit. Sorry.

And lastly, 5.85 skeins of Patons “Brilliant” that I was going to knit an out-on-the-town tank top from. I snuck into the stash to knit wings for a play prop, and discovered that the yarn is way too scratchy for me to ever be comfortable in a tank made of this. So, it’s up for grabs, too. Each skein is 166 yards, this is color 3232, lot 104487.

So, Nerdy – you have your choice. Let me know which you want. If you could leave your e-mail addy or Ravelry ID in the comments, I’d appreciate it!


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2 Responses to Sale or Trade

  1. Hello! Since you asked, my Ravelry ID is noobyknitter.As far as the yarn goes, I like the Rainbow:)Thanks!

  2. Heather says:

    Gotcha – good choice! I’ll contact you on RAV to get your mailing address!

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