The Beautiful Boys

Monday night I went once again to my favorite jazz place (Blues Alley) and was witness to a great show (of course). The Christian Scott Quartet, while very-very-very young (!), played the most beautiful music!!!

I forget where I first heard of Christian Scott – probably on my David Sanborn “radio” station on (heard of it? It’s GREAT at work!!!) But I absolutely LOVE his sound! He’s originally from New Orleans, and much of his Anthem recording is very brooding and soul-stirring. Just the way I like my jazz very, very often! I went to his website, liked what I saw, went over to iTunes and downloaded some individual tracks and the entire Anthem CD. It’s on my 25 most played on my iPod now. LOVE. Him.

HOWEVER!!! I had NO IDEA how young this man is! I just liked the music, period, end of story. Sooooooooo, Monday night when he and his quartet (equally as young) came out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these young guys were responsible for the sounds I liked so much. Plus, they were all BE-U-TI-FUL!!! OMG! Wow. A quartet full of beautiful, talented guys. That is something that you really need to experience at a venue like Blues Alley. They were about 10 feet from me, playing all that beautiful music. Couldn’t be better. While I watched, I had visions of The Boy turning into the bass player (that is the coolest instrument, EVER). That would be a logical next step from the violin, right? He’s already halfway there!!

But really, it was a great show. They were all amazing musicians and artists. When he and his saxophone player played together on Katrina’s Eyes, it was amazing. Those two instruments have never sounded more like one. Amazing. I was so glad I went.

Oh, and Christian – if you’re reading this (as if), I can totally help you out with that baby dream. Just ask.


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2 Responses to The Beautiful Boys

  1. ltwis says:

    Sounds like a great evening.

  2. Rani says:


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