Have you cast yours yet? If you’re reading this and the polls haven’t closed yet – get yer butt out there!

I got rained on for two hours this morning to cast my vote. I was damp and my fingers were little icicles by the time I got to the “indoor” portion of my voting line, but I did it. I’ve been through worse for voting. The last presidential election, it was freezing cold AND raining. Fun, fun, fun!

Here’s what my line looked like. This was what was in front of me:

And this picks up where the last picture left off – to the left, in fact!

It hadn’t started raining at this point, and just after I took the pictures, I finished my tubular cast on for Snow White. All I have to say about that cast on is – “totally tubular, man!”

What WAS fun, though, was casting the actual vote. When I was next in line for the voting machine itself, I must say – I got the biggest “squeee!” feeling. Then, when I saw the name of my candidate (I voted for Obama, by the way), I just stopped and looked at it for a while! Then I made sure my X appeared where I wanted it to, and double-checked it after voting for the “other” things for this election. I heard what happened in West Virginia. It did not happen to me (at least I think!).

Maryland is apparently going back to paper in the next election, just for this reason – apparently they are not sold on the zillions of ways the voting could be messed with by hackers with all this electronic stuff. It’s a good thing they already paid for the voting machines – OH, WAIT – they haven’t. My bad. Sheesh. Could I vote for that one, please???

So, did you vote? Please say yes.


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4 Responses to VOTE!

  1. Rani says:

    I voted. I watched the results. I cried for joy. I am really truly overjoyed!

  2. Heather says:

    Likewise, my friend, likewise!!!:O)

  3. ltwis says:

    Way to come out PG County and also…NEVER say totally tubular! LOL

  4. Heather says:

    Thank god it is over!! Living in a swing state is torture! As if all the commercials on tv and radio weren’t bad enough, the daily phone calls from the RED camp escalated into multiples per hour phone calls in the last 3 days! Ugh. Do we really have to wait until January to truly move on?And, hint, Bed Bath and Beyond has great, see thru storage bins that the clips are on the base and clamp up to the lid. Seems to be harder for the lid to just come off and easier for them to search for legos in the clear container. ‘Cuz you know that those little bits of Lego only go so far 🙂 (2 boys, 7 and 8!! we have a flat one that fits under the bed.) Oh, hint number 2- ebay.

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