Puppy Breath And An Answer!

Okay, I know I said I’d update on the vacation, but really, it’s only exciting to my family, I think! There’s more exciting things going on in this house. It IS Summer vacation, after all!

Thing 1 – The Boy has the confidence to ride his bike without his training wheels! Just look at him go! I can’t believe it! I ran along-side him for a while, but wasn’t really holding him up at all. Finally, I let go completely, ran another 5 feet or so, then stopped and yelled – “I think you’ve got it!!!” He freaked out but didn’t fall, and it was “on” after that. He spent the rest of the afternoon riding his bike yesterday, and was raring to go back out today after we got back from visiting the PUPPIES!!!!

Which brings me to:

Thing 2 – My mom is in the process of getting a puppy. I have begrudgingly decided that the thing might actually be cute after all. You can just barely tell from the pictures (because the breeder actually groomed them just yesterday) but they are Standard Poodles. Yuck. Such a froo-froo dog! We do NOT plan to show or breed the dog, though, so we intend to leave the hair in a normal state, not the super-stuffy show cut they are famous for.

I’m hoping the breeder decides to give us one of the brown puppies, which are all boys. The black ones are a mix of boys and girls, but I’m not particularly fond of the way the black poodles look as adults. Since they have actual hair, as opposed to fur like most dogs, the hair gets the look of needing some conditioner (what we black folk call “grease”). If we wind up with a black puppy, I may have to investigate all-natural hair grease to be sure that the “do” is done correctly! Hee hee! Problem would be solved very easily by getting a brown dog. We will have to see what the breeder says – the “good” dogs are going to her and the dad’s owner since they are the ones that will be breeding and/or showing any “show-quality” dogs from this litter.

SP12 Question #3 – What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

I think the perfect amount of stash is that amount which lets the owner go to her bookcase/ottoman/dresser/underbed storage bin/living room box and dig around to come up with the yarn to knit the next item on her wish list. Meaning, a good supply of some trusty favorite yarns to pick and choose from, only needing to go to the yarn shop for special assignments/presents, or for knitting group, or because she’s got a secret pal (or two or three) to shop for!

That would be ideal, and that’s what I’m striving for in my own knitting life!


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2 Responses to Puppy Breath And An Answer!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Standard poodles aren’t bad as long as you don’t give them a poodle cut. Hope you enjoy the new puppy :)-Andrea (Fleur)

  2. I think the little brown one in the back of the crate is the “one”. Did she give you any hints? I bet Zachary had a great time.By the way, one of your “roommates” at Hogwarts Allityra is my spoiler for this round of HSKS5.

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