One Step Forward . . .

Means one finished object!. . . Plus two more projects cast on! Isn’t that the way it goes? Get rid of one thing (that’s the one step forward), then put two back on the needles (that’s the two steps back). Except that, since it’s knitting, that really doesn’t sound so bad, since I’m keeping at one of the things I love most in the world! Sad, but true!

So, I finished the blanket for my cousin’s baby just in the nick of time. I sewed in the ends on Friday evening at about 10:30. The shower was Saturday at 2. Whew! Then, because of insane heat and broken air-conditioners in my life, I wound up skipping the party. I sent the packages with my mom and soaked up some cool air conditioning. It worked, and I was back in my wool socks by the evening. I think we are all becoming wimps with the luxury of AC. It cannot have been this impossible to work in the 60’s and 70’s when it was hot outside and most places DIDN’T have AC, so why is it such a bother now, and why can’t I get anything at all done in the heat? I don’t want to drive anywhere when my AC is out on my car (like now), and I think I’m being tortured to death when the AC is out at school (like now) and I am asked to do anything resembling “teach” or “pack.” I’m a wimp.

Here’s the beautiful blanket.

My auntie (really my cousin – the preggo cousin’s mommy) sent me a picture that my preggo cousin had taken a couple weeks ago. You know, the belly picture. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Makes me wish I had taken one like that when I was pregnant with The Boy. Makes me really wish I was gonna have another kid/pregnancy in my lifetime, but since the chances of that are pretty slim (unless I make a run to the “bank”) I guess I’d better forget that one, eh? Besides, I was more amused by my body than anything while I was pregnant. To think my belly could get BIGGER than a normal day was quite amusing! That I had a dang good reason made me feel much better!

I didn’t get that awestruck feeling until afterwards when I was nursing him. To think that I’d finally figured out what boobs were for really amazed me for some reason. Course, I still really really like their recreational use, but I’m just sayin’. . . . teehee!

Okay, back to knitting content – I cast on two more projects since finishing the blanket. One was the bag for my HSKS5 pal, which is actually almost finished! I am tweaking the handle (which I didn’t like in the pattern picture) and plan to knit that while I wait for official papers tomorrow at the Department of Mental Health and Hygeine (the birth certificate folks). The other is the Tank Top from Oneskein. I’m using my Silky Tweed for this and think it will make a great summer top. I’m not really liking that I have to knit the largest size, but their sizes clearly are for the cheeseburger-deprived. I hate those people. Not really, but dang!

I’ll show pics of the tank when there’s more to show than some seed stitch and two rows of stockinette, and the tank is still a surprise, so no-can do for now. I may try some incognigro-type photos – we’ll have to see how much it gives away!


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  1. Robin says:

    The blanket looks great!

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