Didja Hear?

A wee bit of a storm hit our area last week. Quite scary/interesting/mind boggling/amazing. Really. Our street was the hardest hit in our neighborhood, but I’m still not sure if anyone’s owning up to it being a tornado or not. Our house was not the hardest hit, either. Oh, and this is just one tree in the back yard.

This is our biggest headache right now. Also what scared the bejasus out of my dad. I keep chastising my mother for laughing, because this tree came darn close to hitting him. Had it come through the house, it would’ve, cause originally he was standing in front of the window that you can’t see in this picture for all the tree/leaves. Apparently, about .25 seconds later? He was in the bedroom closet. She finds it hilarious. Bad wife, bad wife!

You can see from the picture that The Boy is finding the whole thing a bit upsetting. He used to have a swing in the tree that got hit. In this picture, he was actually saying “Oh no, don’t tell me my swing is gone!” Why yes, sweety. . .

I do think your swing is gone. Plus a few other things.

In all, it wasn’t too, too bad, but there are repairs to be done to the deck railing, a hole in the roof/ceiling (small one, really), and a broken window to contend with. Other than that, the real pain is going to come on days like today – when it’s hotter ‘n blazes outside, because now all our shade is gone along the back of the house and the deck. Dang.

We also had the next day off from school because of all the residual power outages. Which just meant that I got my report cards done during the day and was able to go home at a reasonable hour.


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7 Responses to Didja Hear?

  1. Melodye says:

    Heathe, how scary! Glad you’re all okay.Melodye

  2. Rani says:

    Yikes! What a storm. Good thing no one was hurt. If all the trees are lying in the same direction, then it’s straight line winds. If they fell in different directions, then it’s more tornadic. (I live in WEATHER CENTRAL!)

  3. Jenny says:

    Whoa! Glad you’re OK! You can always buy one of those canopy thingies from Target for the shade, but you can’t buy a new Dad. 🙂

  4. Theresa says:

    Wow! Glad everyone is OK. So sorry about your tree.

  5. Robin says:

    Sorry to hear that you were impacted by the storm! Glad everyone is ok, though.

  6. Jenn says:

    Poor Dad! LOL. I thought people were supposed to come out of closets, not go in to them! LOL. Seriously though, that is one heck of a mess.You’ll have to talk mom and dad in to buying one of those nice big wooden swing set, slide, things for the back yard. I say rebuild the deck all the way around the side of the house too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I’m so glad you’re all OK!Your SP12 Secret Pal

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