Virtually Wordless

Okay, my sister really wants to see this, and I owe some gratuitous pictures and LOTS of thanks to my Be My Valentine swap partner, “Cockeyed.” She really put together a phenomenal package – I loved absolutely everything. I have been an extremely lucky swap partner, but LOST is on, I’m in the midst of the instep of a sock, and I don’t feel much like putting forth the effort today – it was, after all, Valentine’s Day with 19 6-year olds.


So, here’s a virtually wordless post. I’ll explain later. Please don’t drool over your keyboards too much!

Okay, these last two aren’t from my pal, they’re all me!

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4 Responses to Virtually Wordless

  1. Jenn says:

    That’s a great swap package. I need to try that socks that rock yarn. In fact, I’m off to order some now LOL…Hey, that yarn cabinet is new….where is that, your room? Living room? I know that isn’t your entire yarn stash so that means your footstool storage must be BUSTING!

  2. Heather says:

    You are right – I now have the stuff I’m itching to cast on in that cabinet in my room – and the footstool is still bursting!!!

  3. del says:

    That frog is too adorable! I love that.And wow, look at all the goodies. The yarn looks especially scrumptious. Lucky you!

  4. bravebird says:

    Hi Heather! Do you know I just noticed you were a teacher? I am going back to school for elementary education, and I’m considering a concentration in science! I love your cabinet and your surprise package! Twizzlers are it, chica!

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