I just received my swap package from my Hot Cocoa Swap pal – Nancy, and ohmygoodness did she put together one fine package! I’m guaranteed to be blah-free all Winter now for sure!

The photo of the package still wrapped up came out very wonky, so here’s the goodies unwrapped:

OK, stop drooling, and why are you such a funny shade of green all of a sudden? Besides a whole bag of goodies for The Boy (!), she included the cutest self-designed blah-buster buddy evah!, yummy yummy sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe (which, thanks to the “Perchance to Knit” saying on the tag, I now remember is where I got the pink-and-black yarn I just cast on yesterday!) in “Fresh Herbs,” spa goodies from Neutrogena and hand-made Stacy’s Soaps (in Patchouli – yum!), a new bath sponge, a gorgeous mug (plus one that’s doubling as a cocoa-scented candle at the moment), TWO DIFFERENT kinds (and lots of it) of hot-cocoa, stitch markers, a sock pattern, a little pack of Soak, a sock knitting journal from The Loopy Ewe, and, and, and a circular needle organizer!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the luckiest! I love it all!

Nancy – you really, really did a great job. I love absolutely everything, especially Rock-Star Rasta-man (he’s been given an additional name). He’s already been singing, and we’re having a great time settling in together. I love ‘im!

See? Thank you so, so much, Nancy!


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4 Responses to WOW!

  1. I am happy to see Rock-Star Rasta-Man is enjoying his new home! I love his new name 🙂 I kinda missed him, even though he was only with me for a short while. I’m glad everything made it there safely, I was concerned about the mugs. You are very welcome, like I said, I had so much fun choosing items, I just couldn’t stop!

  2. ltwis says:

    Great package~How’s the Cocoa? My 4 bag stash of Grandma Stroh’s arrived yesterday – YUM! The Cocoa package from my spoiler was sent without a customs form : (, I may never see it. I love Rock Star Rasta Man!

  3. Robin says:

    What a great package!! Yum!

  4. Lesley says:

    Awesome parcel!Hope you’ve enjoyed the swap!

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