Projects and Project Spectrum

Okay, so I’m copping out on a “busy” weekend being anything other than cleaning, knitting, and teacher-planning. Not feeling that great (trying to get over a cold that zapped me midweek), so I’m ducking out of previous plans and sticking around to get some things done.

First off was dinner. Tonight we had the Birthday Remembrance Meal for my Grammy. She and my grandfather (everyone called him “Da”) would both have celebrated their birthdays this weekend (him today, Grammy tomorrow). She would have been 99 years old. Amazing. And she truly was. Anyone who has seen this blog for a while knows my Grammy was very important to me, and she passed away this past July. This is the first time we’ve not been able to “celebrate” her birthday, and we refuse, so we’re having birthday dinner anyway! There’s also plenty of knitting going on here, which is just her style, so we’re really remembering her this weekend. We had all things she would have loved. Scallops, asparagus, and baked potato. Yum-o!

While cleaning off my desk this afternoon, I came across my notes page for Project Spectrum. I printed out Lolly’s plan for the year, and added some notes for projects that would fit the bill. Without further ado, here’s my plan, for February at least!

I’m gonna go for it and knit on something from each color choice this month. Hopefully, I’ll even actually finish them all! This month, the colors are orange, red, or pink.

For the orange, I currently have two projects that will work. 1) Tilted Duster. My tilted duster is being knit out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in “Amber Heather” it’s a gorgeous, burnt orange and I love it. I am almost finished, but it’s taking longer and longer to knit across a row as I add stitches to the wings (at least that’s what I’m calling them) and decrease fewer stitches at the fronts! But it is an easy knit, and I anticipate I’ll be finished soon. Only the collar left after the skirt is finally done. I also have 2) Sooper Seekrit 2007 on the needles. I cast on for the second sock this afternoon, to give myself a break from the bigger needles, and got about halfway up the foot. These have purple and brown in them, too, but the orange is there, so I’m counting these as PS work. Oh, and the lucky recipient has been told that they are for her, so Jennifer, dear sister, please be patient. Mom beat me in this race, and she’ll be keeping you warm sooner than I will, apparently!

Red: I have a bag already in progress for one of my swaps that I’m going to use for the red project. It’s a Gryffindor project bag, with very little yellow involved, and lots of scarlet, so it DEFINITELY fits the bill. I also hope to cast on for socks for myself in the “Newspaper” color-way from Spritely Goods.

Pink: Pink is not usually my thing. I just don’t “do” pink. I do, however, LOVE the yarn that I got during a Secret Pal exchange – the yarn was dyed by a participant, and I can’t remember exactly who right now, but the black and gray in the mix just made it so very appealing to me! Since I’m equally excited about both this yarn and my Newspaper yarn, I may have to put them both in a bag and just grab. If I knit fast enough, though, I may be able to get them both in! Wish me luck! Here’s the socks I plan to work on this month:

I already have thoughts running through my head about next month because I just found out that I will have a little 2nd cousin to knit for, and will do so in greens, perfect for one of next month’s colors! Not that I need an extra reason to knit, but I really like the way Project Spectrum is laid out this time. It seems to really “go” with what I need/want to knit!


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  1. ltwis says:

    Ok, who’s pregnant? PAM? Oh, please say Stephanie!

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