I’ve found a wine I like!

This stuff is, apparently, right from Germany. I know “Reisling” is a German-style wine, but this one says it’s from Longuich/Germany. Yum-O!

I also, sadly, happen to really, really like my new shoes. In this department, it seems the uglier, the better. It’s very sad to have such sensitive/bad feet, and to work in a job where I’m on my feet 95% of my day! Here are the new uglies–I mean “lovelies” I’ve found (got them in black AND brown), modeled here with one finished Sooper-Seekrit!

Ta! I’ve got to go see a kid’s movie with The Boy. Maybe there’ll be a movie review later. Stay tuned. I know you’re holding onto the edges of your seat now! Hee hee!


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3 Responses to Discoveries!

  1. Robin says:

    I like Riesling. The wineries I visited in Michigan (Round Barn Winery and Tabor Hill Winery) both have excellent Rieslings, including a version called a “Dry Riesling” that I like even better!

  2. Rani says:

    Rieslings are too sweet for me, but I like that bottle! The shoes are perfect for showing off those lovely socks! WHoo hooO!

  3. ltwis says:

    Great sock shoes! I need sock shoes, but will need to wait for spring! Too much muck for sock shoes now!

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