How Can It Be?

How can it be that there is both so much and so little going on in my world? I feel like time is flying by – there’s never enough time for all the things I want to do, and yet, I’ve got nothing worthy to report. Just more of the same!

Today was the second Pee-Wee soccer game. Our team lost, but had lots of fun. I think The Boy is turning out to be a pretty good soccer guy, espeically since this is only his 2nd game, and he only really and truly gets to practice on the Wednesday night practices. I might start bringing the soccer ball in the car and stopping by the field on the way home some nights. He needs a lot of practice at stopping the ball from getting by him/blocking. Very valuable skill in soccer!

Yesterday was the National Book Festival. I was most interested to go because Jodi Picoult was going to be there. Turns out, she was a very hard woman to track down. It didn’t help that I got a late start getting out of the house, then made the silly mistake of getting in line to buy her latest (not “new” exactly) book before getting in line for her autograph. I only stayed in line for 10 minutes because, well, there was only 15 minutes left until she would be finishing signing, and there was a football field’s length of other fans in front of me. Yeah, not gonna get the autograph anyway, so why stand in line. I heard later on, from other Metro passengers that I was correct in my thinking. She signed off with the signing books at 3:00 exactly. Bummer.

So, later I again though I was being pretty smart when I headed over to the tent where she was due to talk about 10 minutes before the man ahead of her on the schedule was due to finish. Turns out, other people were smarter — they sat through his talk, because after him, not one person got up out of their seats. OY! So, I stood for most of her talk, with the sun beating down on my back because I was at the edge of the tent. Eventually I had so sit down on the lovely, dusty, hard ground. I didn’t think it would be too cool to end her talk early because some silly fan passed out in the corner!

But, it was great to hear her speak. She is a very intelligent woman, as evidenced by the number of great books, about real people and real life. Not just fluffy fiction about perfect women who don’t exist, happy in love with perfect men who don’t exist. I love that about her, and I love her novels. Currently, I’m reading The Tenth Circle and love it. I think I like stories about parent/child relationships a whole lot right now. It’s so much more relevant than the standard male/female relationships for me!

In knitting news, I’m still plugging away at the socks for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal. I was going along really well, until I realized I’d forgotten half the ribbing on the second sock. And, well, since I figured my pal would probably like two socks with the same construction, I had to rip back the leg portion. I grit my teeth and did it, because there was no getting around it, but you know how I hate to rip back! Bubblie – I’m thinking of you!

I’m also getting pretty far on my Red Jacket. Last year at Stitches East, I won a jacket kit during the fashion show. I’m thinking I’ll really need it this year in school – it’s been really chilly in the building already! I’m finished with the back, but need to teach myself the crochet cast-off since I’m out of the yarn I finished the last stripe with. Either that or tink back the last row, and well, see above for how much I just love the idea of THAT! :O) So, to tide myself over, I’ve started a sleeve, figuring that I can at least take a sleeve or two to Stitches, what with sleeves being so portable and all!

And, speaking of, Stitches is just around the corner! Yay! Last year, I left work IMMEDIATELY after the students did, and went down the road to Baltimore to make it in time for the Fashion Show and dinner. I made it in plenty of time, but was considering taking the afternoon off for a special treat.

Well, let me just say that this year’s class is KICKING MY BUTT!!!! They are a big test of my classroom management skills, and I’m worn out just about every day.

I’m taking all of Friday off, and I’m looking forward to it SO MUCH! I’m also meeting a couple fellow knit bloggers there. Saturday afternoon, Robin has organized a little meetup and is inviting those who would like to meet her and some friends at the DSX restaurant/sports bar – I think it’s pretty much across the street from the convention center where Stitches is being held.

I hope to meet other bloggers there. I am attending the fashion show, then high-tailing it to Little Italy for dinner with my mom, aunt, and a friend. Saturday morning, I have a class on spinning (!), and then some lovely, indulgent shopping!!! I figure by the time the others meet up, I’ll be ready for a break! Saturday night, my mom and auntie are leaving, but I’m keeping our hotel room, and i’ll be enjoying some PEACE AND QUIET!!!! Woohooo! I can’t wait!


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