Hogwarts Progress

So far I am finished with one sock for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal, and nearing the heel of the second sock. I’ve also got my stitch markers in place, as well as the needles. Now looking for that special-something for a little spoiler, plus need to finish the sock (hoping the long weekend helps in that arena, although my house is in DESPERATE need of some serious cleaning)! Then I’m all through. I can’t wait to use this same yarn for socks for myself (good thing I bought two possible colorways and chose from them once I got the goods home!). I’m using Regia Bamboo color, and it is so soft and silky! I plan on getting plenty more for my stash. This is great stuff. Hope my pal agrees!

As you can see in the last progress pic I took, I decided to go with a plain old K3P2 rib, and I’m liking that decision, given the luxurious feel of this yarn – it is just a dream! I think plain and simple with it is a good choice! Again – if my pal agrees, it’s “all good!”


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One Response to Hogwarts Progress

  1. Rebecca says:

    5 House Points to GRYFFINDOR!

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