Winter Wonderland

Maryland winters are crazy. Absolutely. Crazy. This year we had the longest Fall ever – it stayed in the 60’s and 70’s well into December. Matter of fact, I was wearing short sleeves the week it turned over into “Winter” officially. And everyone said – this will make for a hard winter.

Well, “they” were right.

We had a “major winter storm event” this week. Snow, then sleet, then freezing rain for so long that we had at least 1/2 inch of ice on tree branches and oustide surfaces yesterday. The power is/was out all over the place, apparently the hardest hit area was Prince George’s County where I live. I haven’t been to work/school since Tuesday afternoon. And, since I have to go have a root canal tomorrow, this is a mini-vacation for me! I only taught one and a half days this week – what a vacation indeed!

The Boy has been having a great time. He thought it was wonderful to have the power out even though it was freezing out. That meant that all his people – Mommy, Gaggi, Pop-pop, and Grammy (even Ben, the cat) were stuffed into one room together. Not just one house, nosiree, but the same stinkin’ room! Absolute HEAVEN for him. Thanks to the woodburning stove, all that togetherness was actually quite comfortable.

We had pots of water on the stove for hot drinks, and one warming up (actually BOILING!) soup for lunch. We were snug as 6 bugs in the same rug. The power came on at about 5pm, so we were only out of power for about 12 hours. Not a bad deal. Some folks were not so lucky, so I hope everyone was able to find a way to keep warm.

Of course, I did a fair amount of knitting with no power sources available for distracting me. I finished just about the whole front of my Greek Pullover.

For some reason, though, now I really want to finish up the 6th Sense Sock I have been working on to complete the pair I promised my mother. I’ve been working on them forever, but the pattern is really detailed, so I get antsy knitting it – it takes about 3x as long to go around a sock with a very textured pattern as it does a plain one, and since I’ve done a bazillion plain socks, it just seems odd to me! But, I’m ready to buckle down, so I’m about to go back to it, but wanted to post these awesome pictures of our winter wonderland first.


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One Response to Winter Wonderland

  1. Jill says:

    Brrrr. It’s cold in NC too! 13 degrees this morning. I wish we had snow, nothing to speak of.Happy knitting!

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