Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit has hit me! I wish I had more $$ so I could buy all the stuff I want for people. Friday and yesterday I was feeling very generous. I treated my son to dinner, splurged at Michaels with gifties for my secret pal (pics to follow), and even grabbed some new cotton colors for dishrags for the other teachers I work with (two more first grade teachers and a Kindergarten teacher). They should be surprised, I hope they like them!

See, there’s the three colors of cotton front and center. Then there’s also Christmas cards – those dollar ones they have at Michaels. They have knitted fabric in the background! Considering that I now have to go try to have (or take) a good picture of The Boy (and possibly mommy????), I figured dollar cards were a good thing! The Boy’s school pictures look AWFUL this year. he’s got the fake “I’m only smiling because you said to” smile, teeth only, no actual smile, nothing sparklin’ in the eyes. It’s horrible! I can’t believe I got the whole, huge pack including the 8×10. Didn’t they allow us to see them first last year, before asking us to commit to buying? I really, really need that option for my cheeseball. . .! Here’s one good try from yesterday morning, but still a bit cheesy. He’s just too much of a cheeseball to sit still for pictures!

I’ve also been considering all the options for The Boy for Christmas. He’s been making a list. It’s getting longer every day. So far, it looks like this:

Skateboard – Santa knows where to get this one, it’s all picked out!)
Radio Controlled Monster truck- (well, uh, Santa already got The Boy an RC car – it’s a Chubbs Hummer, and I’m thinkin’ – I mean Santa’s thinkin’ it’s gonna be just fine. No monster details needed – Santa will find out, I guess Santa will find out!
Guitar – Santa is confused, Santa thought he wanted a drum so he could be like the guy in Drumline. . . (I know, I know, the language in that movie is NOT for 4-year olds, but the music sure is!)
Roboraptor – Santa thinks this is a REALLY, REALLY COOL idea. However, Santa is appalled at the $140 pricetag. Santa may have to break the rule about not charging ANYTHING for Christmas if Santa gives in and puts this under the Christmas Tree! I mean, he doesn’t really get the RC thing yet, the Hummer was to be his introduction to the Radio-controlled world. Plus, The Boy does have a birthday coming up soon. Will this be a toy that is on clearance after Christmas where Santa can tell mommy to get a great bargain after the holidays are over??? Not sure. . .
Leapster – This is one that Santa was going to leave for mommy to get for that February Birthday. He can’t get everything on Christmas day – then what do we do for the Birthday??? Besides, Santa already got some CD’s that go with the Video Now, so getting a Leapster kinda erases the need for those . . .

Okay, now I DO wish I was rich . . . or that The Big Guy really did exist!

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