Halloween Festivities!

Halloween, in a house with a small child, is always a busy time. We have been disscussing the costume, the events, and the order of things for quite some time now. Basically, it even worked out like we planned. But better.

The day started, of course, with me in teacher-mode, trying to convince 22 6 year olds that, yes, they would be expected to do WORK all morning long, or there would be no Parade in the afternoon. My school, and many of the schools here, take the “devil-worship” aspect of dressing up for Halloween (yes, I do know the religious, All-Hallows-Eve, foundation of the day, but, apparently, PG County didn’t get the memo). So, to make it a purely child-friendly event, we allow the students to participate in a Storybook Parade. We take it seriously. Students have to read a book, do a book report, and even bring said book with them during the parade, where they are dressed up like a character from the book. I was impressed – all but one of my students who dressed up did exactly that. We won’t mention the one that didn’t. He’s a story book in and of himself!! So, here’s what my afternoon looked like:

Very cute. My favorites (not that I have favorites) were the Grouchy Ladybug. Awesome!, and Gloria Estefan. She came complete with hands-free microphone! Again, awesome. What was even more awesome was that this girl probably even read the book herself, without too much help from mom. She’s an awesome student, and one of the ones that reads on a second grade level here in the first quarter of first grade! I love my class!

Anyway, then the evening looked like this:

And that? That’s a gummy eyeball that was waaaay, waaaay too realistic for me. Turns out, it was way too realistic for Zac too. He promptly spit it out after this picture, and he ain’t eatin’ the other one he found in his candy stash!!! Too funny!

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2 Responses to Halloween Festivities!

  1. cpayne says:

    Knew those shoes would come in handy. =)

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